VeganMoFo 14: Friday = Restaurants (Blossom and Cocoa V, New York, NY)

by JL Fields on October 14, 2011

Dave and I celebrated 13 years of marriage last Saturday.

Here’s why it’s still working after thirteen years. Dave, the omnivore, says to me “Let’s go to Candle 79!”  To which I replied, “One, thank you for suggesting a vegan restaurant and two, let’s try a new place.”  I then say to him “Let’s go out for lunch instead of dinner to celebrate.”  He asks why and I say “Because you have a triathlon tomorrow and you will want to go to bed early.”  We get each other.

So last Saturday, on a gorgeous, warm, sunny October afternoon in Manhattan, we ate at Blossom for the first time.






Sparkling drinks and a happy couple — bring on the feast!






We split a starter and a salad.

Black-eyed Pea Cake ~10 Crispy cake of yukon gold potato and black-eyed peas, topped with chipotle aioli.

Caesar Salad ~ 9/12 Fresh romaine lettuce & herbed croutons in our own Caesar dressing.

We were both equally wowed by each.  I think I favored the black-eyed pea cake. Dave loves a (traditional) caesar salad so he was very impressed.

HELLER ESTATE Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 (Carmel Valley, California) $11 glass

Dave opted for breakfast.

French Toast ~ 11 Served with maple syrup and tempeh bacon.

He loved the french toast (and asked the server “is there crack in that bread?”) but was luke-warm on the “bacon”.

I can’t refuse a new way to enjoy seitan.

Seitan Scallopini ~ 18 Seitan cutlets in a white wine lemon caper sauce, served with mashed potatoes and sautéed kale.

I loved the seitan dish!  The potatoes were so creamy, the wine sauce was flavorful and, hello? Kale and seitan?  Win!

While we were offered a dessert menu we declined, because we wanted to take the afternoon anniversary party across the street to Cocoa V, a vegan chocolate and wine bar (yes, you read that right!)

We walked in and were in heaven.  Chocolates, truffles, cupcakes, wine, coffee, milkshakes. Pinch me!  We settled down — well, actually, Dave first headed out to hunt down an ATM as Cocoa V is a cash-only establishment — and made some big decisions.

He opted for the “butter finger” bar.

Holy vegan chocolate bar, that was GOOD!

Me? I opted for the edamame clusters and a salty caramel truffle

and simply basked in a choco-wine-caramel euphoria.

The Cocoa V manager treated us like a king and queen for our anniversary (which is why our plates were decorated so beautifully).  She saw our eyes bulge out of our heads when someone ordered a butter finger milkshake so she brought us a sample (as well as a sample of a citrus crunch truffle).






I could tell you that it ended there. But it’s not true. We took two cupcakes to go (a red velvet and a vanilla) and some hot cocoa mix.  We had the cupcakes for dinner.

It was one of the sweetest, most delicious anniversary celebrations yet. But we’re just at thirteen years.  We have many more to enjoy!

Side note:  The next day Dave competed in a sprint triathlon. He came in eighth place overall and first place in his age group. Impressive, right? Even more impressive is that eight months ago he broke his leg in two places. It was his first triathlon post-injury.  My husband is a rock star!

187 Ninth Avenue, NYC 10011
Phone: 212-627-1144

Blossom on Urbanspoon

Cocoa V
174 Ninth Avenue, NYC 10011
Phone: 212-242-3339

Cocoa V Chocolate & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

  • Gosh you two are adorable! 
    Food looks incredible I officially have restaurant envy! I need to visit NY properly at some point (I’ve only ever flown in and out of JFK). The kale and seitan dish looks positively mouthwatering and don’t even get me started on the vegan choccies – looks like the perfect way to celebrate. Happy anniversary JL 🙂

    • JL

      Nada, you could plan an entire vegan eating tour of NYC! LOL

  • Anonymous

    What a fantastic celebration! It looks like a pretty amazing evening and I can see where Dave got the energy to ace his tri! I was totally blown away by the truffles at Cocoa V when I visited last spring. Incredible!


  • Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    Happy (belated) Anniversary!  I want those chocolate edamame clusters.  Can you identify the ingredients for me?  I’ll be happy to experiment in the kitchen — and I’ll share.

    • JL

      Honestly, I think edamame, salt and chocolate!

  • Laura Agar Wilson

    You two make the sweetest couple! What an amazing way to spend your anniversary, Cocoa V sounds like heaven on earth! Well done to your hubby for doing so well in his event too 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary! That seitan and kale dish looks so delicious! And a vegan chocolate and wine bar?? Um, WOW! Would love to make a trip to NYC to check out some of the vegan establishments! Woohoo!

  • Farrah Pileggi

    Happy Anniversary! The food looks so good…I can’t wait to head into the city to try these two places. Great photos. 

  • Happy anniversary! That meal looks so good! I love Blossom. I had that butterfingers bar, omg amazzzzzzing!

  • Congratulations on 13 years! Your date sounds fantastic, and the salty caramel truffle sounds right up my alley. I need to drag the boyfriend to NYC!

  • Nicole

    Happy belated anniversary, JL and Dave! You two look like such a cute couple. Your celebratory lunch and dessert at Blossom and Cocoa V would be a dream anniversary for me! I hope to visit those two places next time I’m in NYC.

  • I love that first picture. Cocoa V donated to one of our bake sales there and were super nice and the scones were delicious.

  • What a sweet post about love! Congratulations on your anniversary.

    I’m putting these spots on my itinerary if I ever get to NY – thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Congrats on 13 years…he is one lucky man and congrats to him on winning his age group!

    Still have not eaten at either of those places but a must the next time I am in town. Cupcakes sound to me like the anniversary dinner of champions.

  • Bittofraw

    your husband is so handsome! love that wedding picture of you two. happy anniversary!

  • Happy Belated Anniversary!

    Everything looks so delicious… but I’m especially drooling over the desserts.  I really need to get up to NYC soon!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on your marriage – and that meal out looks AMAZING!!

  • What a way to celebrate! Your meals look superb. I am almost jealous, but I live in the land of Portobello.

  • that wedding photo of you gets me every time!! I love it so much, it makes me happy!

    congrats on 13, happy anniversary and many MANY more! XO

  • It looks soooo delicious, specially that seitan scallopini! And the desserts… Oh my, chocolate heaven!
    Congrats to your husband!

  • Happy Anniversary! Blossom looks amazing!

  • elise

    i love your dialogue.  adorable couple!!!  no wonder you guys still work so well together.  

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