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I buy, I cook, I race.

I buy Information overload? No way!  I love reading blogs, Twitter and Facebook to learn how to eat vegan in a smart, healthy way.  Along the way, I stumble upon great product recommendations (my bank account is taking the hit). Thanks to Angela/Oh She Glows I got turned on to all things coconut.  I think the first time I noticed it she mentioned coconut butter on a baked potato.  I’ve been using coconut oil for cooking but this week, after a rather disastrous attempt to make a Green Monster with kale (I ran out of spinach) I found Gliving’s very […]


Sundays with JL (or, obsessed new vegan in the kitchen)

As a new dietary vegan (my vegetarian to vegan story is on Cook.Vegan.Lover), I have been reading vegan books and blogs like mad.  Which has, of course, inspired me to do a little blogging myself.  Who needs another vegan food blog?  Well, I did (and do). Every time I had a question about a vegan diet, I simply googled the question and I was led to really great blogs that helped me make the transition.  If my little ole blog helps a new or returning vegan in any way, well then it’s worth my time.  (And many of my Facebook […]


I’m today’s guest blogger on Cook.Vegan.Lover.

What a thrill!  The fabulous Lindsay of Cook.Vegan.Lover. invited me to guest blog for her this week.  I have been reading Lindsay’s blog, and numerous others (as you will see in my guest blog), over the past six months of my vegan adventure. My thanks to Lindsay for kick starting me to blog on my own vegan (eating) adventures!  I plan to begin slow, once a week, targeting Mondays. I hope I can help others eager to learn as much as possible about eating healthy and vegan, being healthy, vegan and athletic and I’ll toss in some occasional rants on […]


My (new vegan) story

My vegetarian to vegan story At the age of 36 I quit eating meat. Almost. I was in Kenya for work. We were in a small village in the Rift Valley. There was a celebration held or an auspicious occasion and my colleagues and I were guests of honor. Early in the day an elder from the community brought a goat to the site of the celebration—a truth demonstration of generosity. The goat was presented and subsequently killed and boiled. That evening, we were offered the goat for dinner. To refuse it would have been an affront (or so I […]

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