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The Vegan Air Fryer is now available at Whole Foods throughout the U.S.!

The Vegan Air Fryer is now available at Whole Foods grocery stores nationwide! To celebrate I’m teaching a free cooking class at my local Whole Foods. AND I’m sharing the Buffalo Cauliflower recipe from my book with everyone!

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Colorado Springs Cooking Class: The Art and Craft of Bulk Cooking

Too busy to cook? Learn the art and craft of bulk cooking on March 24 in Colorado Springs! In this demonstration class, you will learn how to make plant-sourced foods in big batches and then turn them into creative meals with complex flavor profiles and varied texture to add variety and ease into your weeknight meals.

Easy Vegan Ep 121: Do “bad vegans” get the flu? (I ask an RD)

Do “bad vegans” get the flu? Is a plant-based diet a guarantee for perfect health? Dr. Pamela Fergusson shares her perspective as a vegan registered dietitian.

Easy Vegan Ep 120: Veg Speed Dating

Looking for love in all the wrong places? A vegan cupid could be coming to your city in the form of Veg Speed Dating! JL and Andy Brighten talk about going vegan, negotiating romantic relationships when ethics aren’t aligned, and how YOU might find your vegan love match for Valentines Day! Listen here: SHOW ARCHIVES Become a Patron!

Easy Vegan Ep 119: The Simply Vegan Cookbook

Dustin Harder, aka The Vegan Roadie, is on Easy Vegan this week to talk about his first book, The Simply Vegan Cookbook, and the latest season of his food travel series (who’s ready for vegan Italy?)! Enter to win a copy of the cookbook!

Hash Brown Bake? Party Potatoes? We call them “Scott’s Potatoes”.

Turn an hour+ non-vegan family recipe into a 30-minute meal with tofu and vegan versions of sour cream, cheese and soup and use my two favorite appliances: a pressure cooker and an air fryer!

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