LISTEN: A better understanding of fish + vegan cooking for one (and vegan sex!)

by JL Fields on November 21, 2017

Good morning! I’m popping in quickly to share links to the two latest episodes of Easy Vegan.

Last week Jonathan Balcombe, author of Pleasurable Kingdom, was on the show to discuss his latest book: What a Fish Knows – a look at “the inner lives of underwater cousins.” In this episode of Easy Vegan, we discuss how fish experience joy and pain, their personalities, how they are farmed, and what we can do to help all help fishes…from a place of justice.

At one time I was that person who said, “I’m vegetarian but I eat fish…” and now I know how far off I was. This episode has empowered me to advocate better for all non-human animals. Listen here:

This week the show is about vegan cooking for one, fitness for regular ole folks, and, well, vegan sex! All in one show! That’s what happens when you sit down to chat with Ellen Jaffe Jones. Listen here:

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Thanks, as always, for reading and for listening! ❤️



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