Real world vegan-style meals thanks to Veestro!

by JL Fields on November 20, 2017

I’ve been a Meatless Monday blogger for several years and love that I’m part of a community that provides recipes for people flirting with veganism and vegans and vegetarians. One of the perks of being part of the blogging programming is getting to try new products.

Well, let me tell you, this latest opportunity blew me away.

First, let’s all acknowledge that “meal kits” and prepared foods are taking off in the food space. People feel rushed and worry about getting a good meal on the table when they have little to no time to cook. My clients have those issue and they want to get plant-based meals on the table fast. They are often motivated by their health, a concern for the environment, and, of course, the welfare of animals.

More and more vegan and plant-based options for meal delivery are popping up but let me tell you what I love about Veestro – and trust me, other than the meals and juice, I’m not compensated so my opinion is legit:

You don’t have to cook with this one.


Most meal kits do the shopping for you and provide a recipe and you assemble at home – creating meals that you can eat in 30 minutes to an hour or more. Other services, in which the food is prepared, tend toward the “less is more style of cooking” when it comes to flavor. They hold the olive oil (it’s vegan!) and salt and, sure, you could add those things if you consume them, but on first taste, well, they lack a little something.

Enter Veestro.

The food is READY. All you have to do is reheat – or thaw if it’s a salad – and eat. I enjoyed these meals in under 30 minutes:

Spanish torta

Savory croquettes

Soba noodles with tofu and peanut sauce

Roasted beet and kale salad

And a fresh juice

These foods were made the way I would make them when I have the time. Seasoned well (herbs, spices, salt, pepper, and a bit of olive or sesame oil) and using hearty and healthful ingredients: vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds, and grains. Real world vegan meals ready to roll, folks!

Every single meal delivered delicious flavors. Dave and I split each one and he kept asking, “Did you add anything?” Nope, they came that way: beyond good.

And good for you.

And gentle on the planet and oh-so-great for the animals.

If you’ve been looking for vegan meals delivered to your door that are healthy, vibrant, flavorful, and you can enjoy quickly, I really think you’re going to love Veestro. I sure do. And trust me, during this very busy holiday season, I plan on turning to Veestro for some help so that I can have good food … fast.

Try Veestro yourself. Use code “DIVINE15” for 15% off a la carte purchases through December 9, 2017! Order here.

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