Earth Balance Soy Nog (and Mindful Mayo and Coconut Spread, while we’re at it)

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by JL Fields on December 14, 2011

The kind folks of Earth Balance recently sent me a coupon to try out their new Soy Nog (in return for an honest review). Last weekend I was going through my coupons before hitting the store and found two more free product coupons from Earth Balance (which I received at Vida Vegan Con).  One was for Mindful Mayo and the other for Coconut Spread.  It wasn’t too hard to find a way to use all three products.

Sunday I baked Ginger Cookies (from Nava Atlas’s Vegan Holiday Kitchen) to take as a hostess gift to a holiday party later in the afternoon. The spicy aroma in the house was maddening (in a good way) and it struck me that a ginger cookie with nog would be a perfect snack.

I was right. Perfect combination.  I sipped the Soy Nog. It tasted exactly as I remember traditional egg nog.  I should note that I recently reviewed So Delicious’s Coconut Nog, which I liked very much.  I actually do not drink a lot of soy milk — I use it mostly for cooking and baking– because I prefer nut milks.  That is, I preferred nut milks before I started drinking So Delicious coconut milk.

In comparing the two nogs I can say that my preference is for the So Delicious Coconut Nog, simply because I prefer coconut milk. If you’re looking for something that tastes like traditional nog, Earth Balance Soy Nog wins.  My husband, the omnivore, did not like the coconut nog. He loved the soy nog; I would probably make a point to serve the soy nog to non-vegan friends.

Yesterday I made a fun smoothie, combining both of my “likes”:  one cup unsweetened So Delicious coconut milk, half a cup Earth Balance Soy Nog, two dashes of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon vanilla protein powder and a frozen banana. Blend and enjoy a Ho-Ho-Ho-licious breakfast smoothie!

On to the Coconut Spread and Mindful Mayo.  I made a sandwich.

But not just any sandwich! I used the Coconut Spread on two pieces of Rudi’s Organic Bakery Colorado Cracked Wheat Bread for a grilled Tofurky and Cheese sandwich.  I placed one piece, coconut spread side down, on a hot skillet. I spread a think layer of Mindful Mayo on the up side of the bread. I added a layer of Daiya Cheddar Style “cheese,” a couple of pieces of Peppered Tofurky Slices, sliced onion, another layer of Daiya, and then added a thin layer of Mindful Mayo on the second piece of bread. I placed the mayo side of the bread on the cheese (coconut spread side up).  I heated for five minutes, flipped and continued heating for another five minutes.

I demolished that sandwich in no time flat! Good stuff!

Here’s my take on Earth Balance Mindful Mayo versus Follow Your Heart Vegenaise. Growing up, we used “mayonnaise” on our sandwiches. In actuality, it was Miracle Whip, ala “salad dressing.” I had no idea there was a different type of mayonnaise, ala Hellman’s, until college.  Between the two, I’m a traditional mayo fan.  Vegenaise reminds me of traditional mayonnaise and I love it.  Mindful Mayo is more reminiscent of Miracle Whip/salad dressing, and I like it very much.  Now, as in the old, non-vegan days, I have two choices!

Thank you, Earth Balance, for giving me the chance to try your products. And thanks for giving vegans options!

Readers– Mindful Mayo or Vegenaise?

  • Yum, I’m dying for a grilled cheese now! Vegan comfort food for the win.
    I think I’d have to stick with the veganaise because I like their soy free version, and I try to cut back on soy where possible since I know I eat plenty with tofu, tempeh, soygurt, etc.

    I do have a totally different question for you, on an unrelated topic. How do you deal with non-vegan cravings? I’m still working on transitioning to veganism, and everything goes so well until I get hit with a HUGE craving for an egg and cheese sandwich from Burger King. When I give in and get it, I feel like crapola, but I hate feeling like I’m denying myself something my body wants. Just wondering what your take was on this.

    • JL

      Faith, when I went vegetarian (about nine years ago) I fell off the wagon once. I felt like I “needed” chicken – as in Kentucky Fried Chicken (blech) I ate it and it made me sick.  I think what I really craved was something I was comfortable with and knew. So the next time I had that feeling I gave myself something salty and breaded and it comforted me.  As for cheese, read this article:  Some believe that cheese can be addictive so the craving might now be that your body “needs” cheese (as in the needs it to be healthy) and instead, simply craves it.

      Readers, how have you handled cravings when transitioning to a plant-based diet?

    • I like JL’s approach of identifying different ways to meet the need that’s tied to the craving.

      For me there are two main ways I’ve dealt with stuff like that, and one is tied very closely to what you described: when you have given in and eaten the BK sandwich, you felt bad afterward. Pay attention to that, because it’s the beginning of new associations with a food that used to be comforting, but now makes you feel bad. You crave the comfort, so doing something that will make you feel bad instead defeats the purpose of giving in to the craving. The other way is just to remember why I’m vegan to begin with: I don’t want to contribute to the suffering of animals, and buying foods made with animal products does exactly that. Is my craving really worth the misery and death of that chicken and that cow? Nope, it’s not.

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  • Creative uses of the products! I have yet to try the So Delicious nog, but I did try Silk’s pumpkin spice and I enjoyed it, thick and creamy. I have always hated mayo, but I bought EB’s version (I had a coupon) for a recipe. It’s the only type I’ve tried, but I haven’t eaten it plain. The boyfriend likes Miracle Whip over mayo, so I’ll get him to put it in his tuna (ew).

  • BeKind

    I’m a Hellman’s fan, so should I try one of the Vegenaise? My Whole Foods has the original and grapeseed. Thanks for the review.

    • JL

      I use the original Vegenaise and really like it!

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