JL news (catch-up) + Vegan News You Can Use (7/10/16)

by JL Fields on July 10, 2016

Well hello, stranger! I’m here today to offer no apologies for the decreased number of posts on this site and instead I to share some JL news before we get to the mostly regular weekly vegan news.

First, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the board of directors for Luvin’ Arms Animal Sanctuary. I announced it yesterday from the sanctuary on Facebook LIVE.

I went nuts over the goats.

Here’s Arya, in all her glory.

JL Fields and Arya, one of the goat residents at Luvin' Arms Sanctuary @jlgoesvegan

Second, I have a new kitchen toy, and I’m obsessed.

GoWise air fryer

I bought an air fryer. What is the wizardry?

Air Fryer Mongolian Tofu @jlgoesvegan

Mongolian tofu.

Air Fryer Mongolian Soy Curls @jlgoesvegan

Mongolian soy curls.

Simple air fryer tofu @jlgoesvegan

Simple air fryer tofu.

Air fryer Paprika Potato Hash @jlgoesvegan

Air fryer Paprika Potato Hash.

Air fryer Buffalo soy curls @jlgoesvegan

Air fryer Buffalo soy curls.

Air fryer Brussels sprouts @jlgoesvegan

Air fryer Brussels sprouts.

Well, I promise to share some recipes over the next week but in addition to being busy air frying (a fast-cooking healthier approach to fried, grilled and roasted vegan eats), I launched a Facebook group – Vegan Air Frying Enthusiasts – with my pal Michelle Donner. If you have an air fryer – or are air frying-curious, join us! (And don’t forget about my other Facebook group – Real World Vegan Meals – that I co-administer with Michael Suchman!)

Third, I will soon be announcing a new book project – a collaboration with a dear friend, mentor, and colleague – that is going to make vegan cooking and living so much easier (and delicious!) for you. But for now, I’m quietly (and now not so quietly) working on it.

Fourth, I’m trying to get better about communicating with the folks on my newsletter distribution list. This month I wrote a summer-themed newsletter: July Meal Ideas: A Cole Slaw Dog, Pressure Cooked Taco Crumbles, and Grilled Pizza! You can sign up for my newsletter here.

Fifth, my radio show is rockin’ and rollin’ and keeping me busy. I worked really hard to transfer the first 46 episodes of the show to a new account to allow me to share the show on popular podcast platforms for your listening ease and pleasure. Easy Vegan with JL Fields radio show archives can now be heard and downloaded on:

Of course, you can still listen to original shows on KCMJ 93.9 FM in Colorado Springs, CO Mondays @ 12 p.m. MST (streams simultaneously on KCMJ.org and KCMJ on Tune In) and the original show airs the following week on WADR 103.5 FM in Janesville, WI Tuesdays @ 10 a.m. CST.

Tomorrow my guest is the one and only Joni Marie Newman!

Easy Vegan with JL Fields @jlgoesvegan Ep 49 Joni Marie Newman

So, that’s my news.

Now, how about the week’s vegan news? 

Vegan news

Vegan news you can use (7/10/16)

If you’re hungry…

Listen to Easy Vegan with JL Fields show archives here.

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