VeganMoFo 7: Friday = Restaurants (Vegan Eats at Haven, Pleasantville, NY)

by JL Fields on October 7, 2011

Last month I turned 46.  My husband asked where he could take me for dinner to celebrate my birthday. He rattled off the usual joints.  We live close to New York City, where there are tons of vegan options, but in Westchester County, there are few vegan-only options, mostly “fast” food (Andy’s & Mrs. Greens and Jolo’s Kitchen).  You only turn 46 once, so I wanted something a bit more “upscale.”   I turned to Google and hit a site that led me to Haven in Pleasantville, NY.  I perused the online menu which indicated “vegan friendly” on several items.  Dave called to make a reservation to confirm that they, in fact, offered vegan options. “Absolutely!”

Truth be told, I spent most of my birthday in pajamas and would have been just as happy to take a warm bath and change into a new pair of PJ’s and chill for the evening. (Anyone else love those weekend days when you never leave the house?)   I’m glad I showered, dressed in actual clothes and even put on a little make-up because I was dazzled by a local, “mainstream” chef.

What?!  It was true, the menu actually used the word “vegan”.  I did clarify with the serve that vegan-friendly actually meant vegan. Whew!

I was like a kid in the candy store. I wanted it all! And it was my birthday so I did have it all!  Sort of.

The feeding frenzy began.

With a little Prosecco in hand we enjoyed the chips and humus and the amuse bouche which was a cold, melon soup.

And then…

…I started with the corn soup.

Followed by the chickpea fries with aioli.

These were so good that I had to stop myself after just a few. I wanted to save room for the rest of the feast (and they made great leftovers).

Because I couldn’t decide between the two entrées I requested a half order of each.  First up, the black bean meatballs over fettuccine with spinach and pomodoro sauce.

Next, the ravioli of asparagus, sweet onion and mushroom with onion soubise.

I took half of each half home.

Oh, wait…

Three vegan dessert options?!

Warm peach crisp, please.

Okay, what is up with the chef? Why so many vegan options at a “mainstream” restaurant?  I asked Chef Daniel Petrilli when he came to our table. It’s simple–one of his best friends is vegan. See folks, we are ambassadors of compassion.  When we live our vegan lives, people watch. They listen.  Chef Daniel watched his friend dine out in frustration and made a commitment to honor vegans in his own establishment.  He said he likes making vegan dishes.  (Hear that, non-vegan chefs of the world?)  I like Chef Daniel Petrilli making vegan dishes, too.  He does so incredibly well. Everything was divine.  The New York Times thinks so, too.

I will return.  Often.

472 Bedford Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570
(914) 747-4646

Haven Restauarant on Urbanspoon

  • That’s awesome! We actually gave up on finding more vegan-friendly spots in Westchester. Now there’s a new place for us to check out in the area!  

    • JL

      I couldn’t believe it — quite a find. Perfect place to dine after seeing a flick at Jacob Burns Film Center!

  • queenstaramber

    Chickpea Fries? Oh that sounds good!

  • okay- that looks so exciting!  It might be a little too fancy for lunch during work hours, but now I so want to go there!

  • Oh do I ever love those lazy weekend days, probably because they’re such a rarity!  And it’s great when restaurants are vegan-savvy – I feel like I was spoiled when I was on the west coast for nearly two months, since everyone seemed to grasp the concept, and in a friendly way too.

    Chef Daniel wins my respect, and that is a gorgeous, happy menu.  Glad you had a great birthday feast!

  • sounds fantastic! love the outlook of the Chef, too – similar to the event we went to (on my birthday!) – it was a vegan dinner, but the restaurant hosting it is not vegan – the chef is dairy free, and very vegan friendly. he plans to add more vegan options to his menu. LOVE that.

  • Meggurumwe

    looks perfect. I can’t wait to go soon..

  • Wow, that soup is beautiful! 

  • I love that you asked for half of two entrees – that’s a genius idea! How cool that the chef’s vegan friend has been able be such a positive influence on his life. I love those kinds of stories!

  • Those chickpea fries look yummmmmy! I want to make them myself!

  • Jeni T

    Chickpea fries!!!!!!
    I MUST hunt down this recipe.

  • Bittofraw

    Everything is so pretty! Especially that soup. With popcorn on it, so cool.

    I thought of you today as I got a new pair of jeans that fit right. I had been hard on myself for the other ones not fitting right, despite my other clothes fitting fine. I remembered how you wrote that we deserve clothes that fit instead of forcing ourselves to diet into the ones that don’t. Plus they were only $16. score!

    • JL

      Ya, Bitt! Love this!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s so awesome! Everything looks amazing & I love that the vegan options are so clearly marked.

  • How cool, that is such a neat story. And a vegan friendly restaurant with vegan desserts? Unheard of!

  • Kathy

    Everything looks wonderful, but the chickpea fries and peach crisp look especially good.  It looks like lovely place to have a special dinner.

  • I’ve been drooling pretty much since the initial mention of chickpea fries. 

    All the food looks delicious! I love the excitement of dining at a place with so many vegan options – makes for a refreshing change of ordering the house salad with avocado instead of chicken 🙂

  • Oh my goodness that food looks DIVINE! Three vegan dessert options?! I would faint trying to decide, ha ha!

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I’m salivating. Everything looks so delicious, and the menu is out of this world – makes me want to plan a trip to New York ASAP.

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