Local vegan “fast food” / My first NaBloPoMo month concludes

by JL Fields on June 30, 2011

As much as I enjoy Sunday mornings in the kitchen prepping bulk food for the week, sometimes I’m just plain lazy. I want someone else to do the cooking.  Fortunately there are a few local places where I can get quick, delicious vegan eats.  While Jolo’s Kitchen is my go-to joint for quick, “home-cooked” vegan dining, there are a couple of other gems in the area.

Andy’s Pure Food
I learned about Andy’s from my nutrition counselor.  The first time I walked into Andy’s I was equally delighted and overwhelmed. Vegan soups, salads, entrees! Vegan baked goods!  You can eat in or take away — I usually opt for take-away.

A few weeks ago, realizing I had a busy weekend ahead of me, I stopped by Andy’s on a Friday night to pick up some eats to nosh on for a few days.

Beans, lentil load, quinoa salad and artichoke salad from Andy's

Andy’s also offers smoothies and juices (and a juice fast — you can pick up a day’s worth of fresh juices in the morning).  Andy’s is the perfect place to pop in for a prepared dish for a potluck, too!

Andy's Pure Food on Urbanspoon

Mrs. Green’s Natural Market
I think many of us have “our” store. The one that has all the bulk grains and beans we love. The best selection of nutritional yeast.  An Asian section that makes any macro-wannabe-gal swoon.

And a super vegan-friendly deli.

A plate of living food salads from Mrs Green's: raw spaghetti with vegan pesto, fennel salad and mango and coconut ceviche

It so happens that the weekend I stopped at Andy’s I also grabbed a few deli items at Mrs. Green’s the next morning.  Between errands and social events over the weekend I had quick, fresh, gorgeous dishes for snacks or fast meals– and lots of leftovers to pack for lunch at work.  I’m all for home cooking — I love it — and I’m all for turning to local faves every now and then for a break from the kitchen. 

How about you? Do you have local spots that treat a vegan right and give you a break from food prep?


Well, I did it! I blogged every day in June as a participant in NaBloPoMo! It was a great opportunity to write more frequently, to share more “in the moment” types of posts. And, it turns out, this is fairly consistent with how I normally blog, just a little less frequently.  I share recipes that I create and share my attempts at making recipes created by others; I write reviews — of restaurants, products and more; I share my adventures in cooking classes; I write about my quest for “moderate” fitness and my desire to Stop Chasing Skinny; I invite others to share and write about their experience and expertise (via the Vegan 101 series and, most recently, in the Multisport 101 series).  I enjoy sharing and writing about these things and I most certainly hope you enjoy reading about them.

Will I be posting daily in July? Nope! I’m on vacation for ten days (woot!) and have accepted a new position at the college. which I will assume mid-July. It will be very a busy month but you can count on lots of blogging! Thanks for reading, friends.

  • We have a couple dedicated vegan restaurants here (Loving Hut) and a ton of vegan-friendly ones! Our grocery stores are less friendly to healthy eaters as I live in a low-income city.

    Have a blast on vacation and good luck with the job!

  • Fran

    Wish we had more veg oriented restaurants in our area (southern NJ)  I can work around things and I’m not vegan yet though I’m very close.  I joined up for NaBloPoMo earlier in the week so July will be my official start I think.  I was happy I blogged almost every day on vacation 2 weeks ago.  No plans for July so it will be a safe month for me to participate.  Hope you have a GREAT  vacation!

  • Susan

    I am insanely jealous of your restaurant and grocery options. I live in a vegan/vegetarian wasteland. If you ever get down here JL, we’ll be doing all our own cooking. Which we know is a blast, but damn it all, sometimes you do want someone else to do the work. 🙂

  • The mango and coconut ceviche sounds fabulous. Any thoughts on trying to re-create it? Please?

    I have no dedicated vegan options in my area, but restaurants are starting to get to know me. I take my own Daiya to the pizza place for an artichoke, sundried tomato and green olive pizza, and to a little mexican take out place that does roasted vegetable burritos. The closest places that cater to vegans are in the ‘big city’ 2.5 hrs away. You can imagine that I kind of go nuts when I visit just because of the novelty.

    Well done on the full month!

    • Great idea about recreating the ceviche! I’ll have to go back and read the card next to the salad….and see what I can do 😉

  • eva @5fruitsNveggies

    wish andy’s was here in my local town : (

  • Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    Have a fabulous vacation.  Congrats and good luck with your new position.  As always, I look forward to your posts.

  • Megguru

    hi jl, I love andy’s but I hadn’t heard of Jo los.  I can’t wait to try it.  Mrs. Greens is great too. Whole foods is just closer for me. The vegan cookies at whole foods are great.  thanks for the new restaurant ideas.. I am now receiving your new blog posts in my e-mails so I read them more often. yay!

    • Thanks for subscribing, Megan! I can’t wait to hear what you think of Jolo’s!

  • We have some places here, mainly Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I wish I had more vegan dining options near by, my favorite place is about a 40 minute drive away, so I only make it on weekends.

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