VeganMoFo 28: Friday = Restaurants (Souen, NYC) + Rudi’s Giveaway Winner!

by JL Fields on October 28, 2011

We have two Rudi’s Organic Bakery giveaway winners! Keep reading!

Yesterday I met of my number-one gal-pals, Andrea, at Souen an organic, macrobiotic restaurant. Souen is not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant but they have tons of vegan options.

Crappy photos alert: we sat in the back, which was super-cute but there were no windows and the walls were orange. Photographers, you do the math!

We started with one of the appetizer specials.

Brussels sprouts in peanut sauce with walnuts

These were a hit. That peanut sauce was awesome and brussels were done just right — slight crunch and no mush!

I was a woman a mission, I wanted to try the gluten-free corn bread, with a miso tahini spread.

Meh. It could have used some serious salt and the spread was not a wow, either.

Andrea for the win for the most fun entrée in the dining room.

Special: Pumpkin stuffed with tempeh and veggies with a squash sauce

She loved it (and wants them to put it on their regular menu) and I thought it was super-tasty, too.

Me? I went for this.

Seitan Mushroom Gravy: scallion, mushroom, carrot, onion gravy sauce, served with yam salad and steamed vegetables with brown rice

Very good! I love me some seitan. I devoured the dish.

Souen is a great option for vegans, vegetarians and fish eaters.

Souen (Union Square)
28 East 13th Street
NYC, 10003
Tel: 212-627-7150

Souen on Urbanspoon


Ready for the Rudi’s winners?!

Rebecca and Beth please email me your postal mailing address so that our friends at Rudi’s can send you your VIP bread coupon and sandwich box! Congratulations!

  • Farrah Pileggi

    Bummer about the miso tahini spread. When I saw the photo and heard what it was I got excited…I am going to try and create this at home. The cornbread looks good. 

    • JL

      Oh, please share recipe when you create it!

  • Love the stuffed pumpkin! I’ve been thinking I’d like to do something like that (maybe filled with stew) for Thanksgiving this year. 

  • Ameyfm

    Hi JL! That mini pumpkin stuffed full of goodness is so adorable!!!

  • Trista Cornelius

    How big was the stuffed pumpkin?  Was your friend able to eat the squash AND the soup?  I’d love to try this at home, but I’m sure, sure, sure I’d do it wrong and the soup would oooze through the pumpkin right to the floor.  ….I’ve been doing VeganMOFO and realizing that I suck at photos…can a blog exist without any images?  Yours were still good, orange walls and all.  Alas…

    • JL

       Hi Trista — it was a small pumpkin (sugar pumpkin)? My guess is that they roasted it separately and simply served the stew in it. 

      Pictures are tricky on food blogs, aren’t they?  I posted some super-crappy photos one time from a place I love and someone commented that I should have never posted them — but the place I love (organic avenue) gave me a shout-out and love for posting.  So there! LOL  At the end of the day I think it’s about a steady hand and good lighting.

  • That pumpkin is so fun and creative. Not to mention delicious-looking! The peanut sauce sounds divine as well, I love ANYTHING peanut sauce. Another recipe to add to my ever-growing NYC list if I ever get to visit!

  • Those brussels sprouts look divine!  I need… NEED … brussels sprouts in the house.  I sense a produce shopping trip coming on this weekend.

  • I want that pumpkin dish. I love squash. Everything looks so good!

  • Anonymous

    Had NO idea that Souen was in Union Square, I don’t think!!  Is it all vegan??  Have heard of it but never gone…….looks like a good clean place.  

  • The veggies and tempeh in the pumpkin looks delicious!

  • Caitlin

    i went to souen today! they had the Brussels sprouts in peanut sauce with walnuts on special again, i wished i had gotten them as i was walking out the door & your post just confirmed my poor decision! i would love to try that pumpkin thingy !

    • JL

      The brussels are worth going back for!

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