Veganize It! Heart of Palm and Artichoke Cake recipe + giveaway

by JL Fields on March 2, 2017

Hurray! One of my favorite vegan cookbook authors, Robin Robertson, is back!

Veganize It! is filled with recipes that will delight everyone in your family, from the plant-based eaters to the omnivores. Below you can enter to win a copy of the book (U.S. mailing addresses, only).

And today you can make the Heart of Palm and Artichoke Cake recipe from the book. The full recipe is below but I thought I’d show you how they turned out in my air fryer.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I followed the instructions all the way up to, and including, refrigerating for 20 minutes.
  2. Then I preheated the air fryer on 400°F for 5 minutes (or 390°F, depending upon the type of air fryer you have).
  3. I sprayed the air fryer basket with a mist or two of oil.
  4. I placed the cakes on the air fryer basket and then spritzed the top of the cakes with a couple mists of oil.
  5. If cooking on 400°F, cook for 6 minutes. If cooking on 390°F, you might go as long as 8 minutes.

No air fryer? No problem! Just follow Robin’s excellent recipe here:

Looks and sounds amazing, right? It is. This book is packed with tasty recipes. Enter to win a copy now!

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  • brassplayer79

    I just recently veganized “tuna” salad using chickpeas for the first time. DEEE-licious!! Can’t wait to see other ways to veganize stuff. These “crab” cakes look great!

  • Sharanya Ram

    I veganized malaikofta with tofu and it was amazing

  • Lyric McKnight

    Really looking forward to trying this… in my new air fryer!

  • Jennifer Laubach

    I like to veganize recipes. I like to use different nutmilks to replace milk. I use applesauce or flaxseed to replace eggs. There are many different ways to replace meat using tvp, soy curls, beans, and chickpeas.

  • janet

    Can’t wait to win and see the other recipes!

  • Anna

    I don’t get too crazy with my veganizing things. I need to explore more. This recipe looks tasty!

  • Paula Leach

    These crab cakes look delicious! This book sounds like another winner from Robin!! It’s so easy veganizing recipes these days, as there are so many vegan substitutes on the market now. I also like making cashew cream & subbing that in recipes where you needed a heavy cream.

  • Marlene Doyle

    This looks sooooo good!

  • Mindy Bollinger

    My favorite so far, veganized biscuits and gravy!

  • Marlene Doyle

    I think I have veganized just about everything, lol! But my fave is my moms lasagna recipe!

  • Carole Coates

    Looks yummy. Would love to know how to veganize it!

  • Rusty M

    I usually just take a recipe that looks fairly simple and use vegan ingredients instead. I did a chicken stir-fry with chickpeas instead that was great. Thanks for the chance. I can’t wait to make these “crab” cakes in my lovely air fryer!!!

  • owsla

    I’m learning that one great substitute is a cashew cream sauce for comparable dairy sauces. So yummy!

  • KathyD

    I veganize hot cocoa frequently – just use soymilk rather than dairy milk. Tastes great!

  • Cheryl Schuessler

    I’m brand new to plant-based eating and could use some help with recipes, so to win this book would be fantastic!

  • Jess

    I’ve been veganizing my mom’s chill for years! It’s really easy tho, I just use three kinds of beans (black, pinto and kidney) instead of the animal ingredients!

  • Beth Karper

    I used two different beans to make meatless “meatloaf” it was delicious

  • Karen D

    I have veganized biscuits and gravy

  • Corrine

    I suppose only in the most obvious ways by using vegan butter, vegan milk, etc.

    • Barbara K

      Very new to vegan. Really not learned a lot just yet. This recipe book will help.

  • Terri Jones Cole

    I veganized my grandma’s cornflake macaroon recipe, thanks to the magic of aqua faba.

  • Danielle

    im just starting to veganize things so I dont have much experience yet!

  • Vera K

    I need help! I have not veganized a recipe yet.

  • Leslie

    I’ll be doing these in the air fryer!

  • manda

    I have not veganized a recipe but would love to try the cookbook.

  • DJohnson

    I have been making cheese using cashews. I am still new at it though.

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