The Mindful Vegan (+ upcoming book tour stops and homemade “Fritos”)

by JL Fields on September 26, 2017

Hello from the Midwest! I spent the weekend in the Windy City for Chicago Vegan Mania and now I’m in my hometown in west central Illinois with family and I’m so grateful that I get to travel around teaching vegan cooking lessons and can work in time for family and friends.

And, wow, Chicago blew me away: About 175 people attended my pressure cooking and air frying cooking demonstration at Chicago Vegan Mania!

I sure love giving away GoWISE pressure cookers and air fryers at the end of my demos!

And oh, the wonderful stories I heard from people who shared their path to veganism and plant-based eating. Stories of hope, inspiration, and proof that the world is changing!

Yesterday I sent out my monthly newsletter where I shared a recipe for homemade “Fritos” with instructions for making them in an air fryer or the oven.

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Today on Episode of 102 of my radio program Easy Vegan my guest is Lani Muelrath. I think you’ll love hearing about her new book The Mindful Vegan


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Finally here’s where I’ll be in the next couple of months:

  • October 7 and 8 New Jersey VegFest  (I’m doing a cooking demo Saturday and on Sunday I’m on this panel with Ginny Messina and Andy Tabar: The Herbivore in the Room: Body-Shaming and Food-Shaming Alienate Vegans and Pre-gans)
  • October 21 and 22 Boston Veg Food Fest
  • November 19 Space Coast Veg Fest (Cocoa, FL)

And in Colorado Springs I’m teaching a vegan air frying cooking class in October and a vegan holiday cooking class in November. Get details and register at

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