JL Fields, VLC (or, Main Street Vegan Academy conclusion)

by JL Fields on June 25, 2012

Patient readers, thank you for joining my Main Street Vegan Academy journey!

Yesterday the training concluded but not before an outstanding presentation from Victoria Moran on things to consider as we plan our vegan lifestyle coaching practice.  She walked us through a wide range of issues – from topics to cover with our clients to possible “homework” for them to complete to the variety of ways in which we can structure client sessions – and left us all feeling excited and ready!

I cannot wait to begin motivating and supporting people as they learn to be compassionate to themselves, and others, through my private practice and public education efforts. Now that I have this,

I am JL Fields, MS, VLC (certified vegan lifestyle coach, thank you very much!).

Next month I will be launching a new endeavor (but if you poke around this site you’ll get a sneak-peak) – and I will share a secret that I have been keeping from you!  All fun stuff to help more people eat and live vegan!

For now, I am back in my kitchen, prepping food for the week. I have quinoa in the rice cooker and mung beans in the pressure cooker. And I just created a pasta salad recipe for a Hodgson Mill recipe contest – which I will post on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest later today!

If you missed it, here are my previous posts on the Main Street Vegan Academy:

Thank you, once again, for the kind and supportive comments here and on Facebook and Twitter.  I really appreciated you cheering me on!

  • Kenny Nero, Jr.

    Amazing!! You’re an inspiration!! Keep fighting the good fight!! I hope to join you with a VLC behind my name in the near future!! Cheers!!

    • JL

      Thank you, Kenny! I hope you become a VLC, too! We need to continue the revolution! 🙂

  • Bringjoyj

    Hurrah, hurrah! You go girl.

    • JL

      Aw, thank you!

  • runcrissierun

    congratulations! It’s amazing to see your evolution over the past couple years. You’re conquering the world!!!

    • JL

      Thank you, Crissie! Vida Vegan Con really motivated me!

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