A foodie farewell tour + Vegan news you can use (11/11/12)

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by JL Fields on November 11, 2012

I’m full.

Curry Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Harry’s Burritos, Larchmont, NY

Red Barn Bakery, Irvington, NY

My social life currently revolves around meals out with friends – a foodie farewell tour, if you will – as we count down to the move (two weeks from tomorrow!).  Today is no exception, as I am having lunch in Manhattan with the graduates of the second Main Street Vegan Academy (I am proud to be among the first vegan lifestyle coaches from the inaugural training!).  As I continue eating my way through the tri-state region I will leave you with this week’s news!

This week’s vegan links and news

This week on the blogs

JL goes Vegan

TUESDAY:  Cooking from the pantry + Two videos to inspire you to dance (“vegan-style”) and vote

THURSDAY:  Saying goodbye to my vegan column: My farewell post is up on I Eat Plants

SATURDAY:  Saturday Meal Plan: Veggie Breakfast Casserole, Chik’n Lentil Noodle Soup and Tempeh Tostadas

Stop Chasing Skinny

Have you stopped chasing skinny? Submit your story today!

I’ll be back this week with more snapshots from the foodie farewell tour!

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