Four QUICK Thanksgiving pressure cooker recipes you can make NOW!

by JL Fields on November 23, 2017

Good morning! I woke up so happy this morning knowing that my decision to live vegan means that turkeys like this one at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary are waking up free from harm.

Last night I did some quick food prep for the holiday and decided that I would pop in today with a blog post hoping it might help you create some fun and FAST dishes today!

Dave and I have 20 friends stopping by for Thanksgiving brunch – we’re calling it a “pre-game” so they can have some vegan food and love before going off to other celebrations.

Dave is making vegan sausage sliders (with his delicious homemade biscuits – the base recipe is in The Vegan Air Fryer) to serve propped on glasses of Bloody Marys.

And I’m whipping up “Thanksgiving Lasagna” – basically, you layer every single Thanksgiving main and side in a pan and bake it You get all of your Thanksgiving in one bite!

And that means I was able to cook most of the food last night. I shared the results on Facebook LIVE and you can watch it here:

I prepared:

-Mashed sweet and russet potatoes with kale, onion, and garlic (in 1 cup of chicken-style vegan broth for 10 minutes low pressure, quick release).

-Cranberry relish (fresh cranberries, one granny smith apple, one honey crisp apple, one orange, the zest of one orange, 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger, 1/2 cup chopped pecans, and a pinch of sugar for three minutes on low pressure, quick release).

-Three roasts! One Tofurky ham and two Celebration Roasts (by Field Roast), actually, in one cup of vegetable broth for eight minutes on low pressure, quick release (I squeezed half the ham glaze over the Tofurky and I placed a teaspoon of vegan butter on each celebration roast; I used the other half of the glaze over the ham before storing in the refrigerator). The basic roast technique can be found in the original Vegan Pressure Cooking as well as the expanded edition coming out in January.

Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes by JL Fields

Today all I have to do is make the very quick cooking dressing (store-bought, with vegetable broth!) and then layer everything in a lasagna pan with Tofurky gravy and Violife gouda cheese.

It will look something like this (last  year’s leftovers, which inspired this year’s main!)


Side note: I took one of the Celebration Roasts out of the Instant Pot and placed it in the air fryer for 8 minutes at 390°F and the result was a juicy roast with a crispy exterior. I shared the results in this quick video. Try it!

Have a wonderful day!


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