Dining out, vegan-style, in Colorado Springs

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by JL Fields on December 6, 2012

One week ago today we arrived in Colorado.  Yesterday the movers arrived and we have been joyfully reunited with out belongings!

First, things first, we put the bedroom together so that our cats – CK and Ernie – could claim their rightful place

on the bed.

Today I can’t wait to dive into the moving boxes so that I can reclaim my rightful place in the kitchen (I can’t even believe I said that – my the times have changed!).  I’m very excited to find my blender, juicer and other fun toys to bring a little diversity to my food prep.  While I was pretty good about cooking at home this week – making all kinds of fun meals in one pot – we did take advantage of the situation and dined out frequently.

Over the summer and fall I posted about vegan dining in Colorado Springs

and I am happy to say that the vegan dining options continue to please me!

Carry-out dinner Thursday from Trinity Brewing Company.

Mushroom sliders and seitan wings

Lunch Friday at Rasta Pasta.

Salad with green pepper balsamic dressing and spaghetti with tofu and veggies

Saturday date night at Adam’s Mountain Cafe.

Red lentil dal and Senegalese vegetables with sesame tofu

Sunday breakfast at Raven’s Nest Coffee.

Celebration dark roast coffee with a cranberry California Suncake

Dinner Monday at Spice Island Grill.

Tofu “fries” and Jerk asparagus and mushrooms with sautéed cabbage

Last night, back to Trinity, to meet a friend who came down from Denver to hang out with us.

Sweet potato fries with mustard and vegan ranch dips, salad, and seitan wings (again!)

Such deliciously vegan-friendly finds in Colorado Springs!

Now, excuse me while I dig into a huge stack of boxes!

  • It looks like you have landed on your feet with food options! Enjoy the unpacking 🙂

    • JL

      Indeed! So happy to find tofu and seitan wherever I turn! 🙂

    • JL

      @bitesizedthoughts:disqus Indeed! So happy to find tofu and seitan wherever I turn! 🙂

  • Looks like a lot of great options for eating out, nice! And glad you’re getting settled!

    • JL

      Thanks, Christine!

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  • I love the red lentil dal from Adams YUM

    • JL

      @facebook-100000470618533:disqus Seriously next time all I need is a bowl of that for dinner. So hearty and delicious!

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