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by JL Fields on May 26, 2012

Thursday morning, bright and early, my husband and I flew to Colorado Springs for the long weekend. Up at 4:20, in the car at 5:20, airport at 5:50 and we were boarding at 6:20. Thank goodness for this vegan sandwich at the food counter right across from the gate.  Breakfast mid-flight!

We flew into Denver and rented a car to Colorado Springs.

We drove around some neighborhoods to get a feel for the city and then had lunch at one of the vegan-friendly restaurants on my list.

Adam’s Mountain Cafe is in Manitou Springs, which, turns out, is a super-touristy town. The restaurant is housed in a restored, historic building and is really lovely. It was a sunny day and we opted for outdoor seating (actually, it was our only choice, we arrived at 12:00 and had to wait 30 minutes for a table – the place was hopping!).  My husband ordered a salad (the lemon basil vinaigrette was fabulous) and a non-vegan brunch dish.  I opted for the soup of the day, which was confirmed to be vegan.

Vegetable Miso Soup

The soup arrived at about the same time as a huge gust of a cold wind burst upon us. That hot bowl of miso hit the spot!

There are many vegan options on the brunch and lunch menu and, after much consideration, I opted for a healthy and hearty tofu and veggie dish.

It was called a Tibetan vegetable dish and it was filled with cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, cashews and the beautifully sesame-seed crusted tofu.  Positively divine.

Adams Mountain Cafe on Urbanspoon

The next day I started things off right with a gorgeous run along the Pike’s Peak Trail Greenway Trail.  It was my first run after battling a nasty head cold all week and, even with the altitude, I felt amazing!

My husband was off doing his triathlon stuff (actually, mountain biking) and we hooked up later for lunch at TAPAteria in Old Colorado City.

The robust tapas menu is half vegetarian and many of the small dishes are vegan or marked as “can be made vegan.”

We were both pretty hungry so we ordered three vegan tapas that we could share and then I ordered a salad (also small) and Dave opted for two non-vegan tapas.

Marcona Almonds, Mushroom Toast, Kettle Chips, and Artichoke & Pepper Salad

I enjoyed a lovely glass of a 2009 La Cartuja with this fresh, light and filling meal.

TAPAteria on Urbanspoon

While Dave continued his triathlon stuff, I spent some time at the hotel getting work done for a client before taking a little time to explore Colorado Springs.  Later that night we were off to TRiNiTY Brewing Company – after doing advance research on vegan-friendly restaurants I was obsessed with their seitan buffalo wings. Sadly, there were no tables and it’s a “seat yourself” joint; we weren’t interested in just hanging out until someone left so we made our way to Plan B, Caspian Cafe, for Mediterranean food.

The restaurant is right off of I-25, next to a typical highway hotel.  I wasn’t so sure about the place.  But when we walked in and saw the fun decor, filled tables and extremely friendly and efficient staff, we felt like it was probably a good choice.

From the menu:

Welcome to the Mediterranean! The flavors of our menu, presented by our chef, represent cuisine from all around this fantastic region. From Lebanon, Morocco, and Egypt to Greece, Turkey, and Spain. Please view our menus and come in to enjoy the flavors of the world!

We shared a starter.

Hummus - Lebanon

I loved the presentation because instead of stack of bread the plate was filled with crispy vegetables and a small amount of pita squares.

I then ordered a salad and an appetizer for dinner.

Avocado, Orange & Almond Salad - Spain

This was a delicious salad! It was huge and I was grateful we opted for a small suite with a refrigerator at the hotel.  Leftovers!

Falafel - Egypt

These tasty bites hits the spot.

Caspian Cafe Mediterranean on Urbanspoon

So far so good as far as dining out in Colorado Springs!


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  • All your choices look amazing. Hope you are having an amazing time in CO. Also, one of your recipes inspired me to finally busy avocado oil and I have no idea what took me so long. I just posted about on my blog 🙂 

    • JL

       I saw your post when I logged on this morning! Those black-eye peas..inspired!  Can’t wait to try your recipe!

  • Susan at Fatfree Vegan Kitchen

    I loved your post today because I’m right in the middle of planning a vacation to Colorado later this summer and seeing your photos just makes me want to leave right away. We’ll be staying in Fairview, but I want to get down to Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the Gods. Have you been there yet? It’s supposed to be amazing.

    • JL

      Susan, I was just there this morning for a run! It was stunning! Lots of good eating around here, too 🙂

  • That view on your run looks fabulous – I’m hoping for some similar scenery this weekend on our trip to Colorado. Let the house-hunting begin! 🙂

    • JL

      Oh, fun for you! Good luck!

  • Just got back from Colorado Springs too and wow we had some crazy weather one day it was 80 the next 40 lol. At the start of our Co Co springs road trip we stopped in Denver at City o City & I spend several minutes just trying to figure out what to get from the amazing all vegan bakery. I went with a key lime tart which was the best key lime anything I’ve ever had. The food was lovely but that bakery made it worth the stop.
    Once in Colorado Springs I really enjoyed going to Mountain Mama natural foods they were uber vegan friendly so I did most of my grocery shopping there, it was so close to the house we stayed at so that was really conveient. My son loved their lavender lemonade and I was stoked to find the 34 oz containers of plain Amande yogurt something I can’t even get in my hometown.

    I made it over to Rasta pasta (vegan & kid friendly woo hoo) I had their Spaghetti Trench town it was packed with flavor just the right amount of spicy kick.  It made for some great leftovers.
    Adam’s cafe was wonderful our party of 5 really enjoyed our meal. The dirty chai I had was terrific and the Coconut Curry with Tempeh was perfect! Wow your miso looked super I need to hit up Adam’s for lunch (only been for dinner) next time I’m in the area. Thanks for sharing about your trip I’m gonna pin this 411 =)

    Susan IMO Garden of the Gods was mind-blowing but due to the erratic weather we didn’t make it out there this time, I hear it’s phenomenal to see at at sunrise/sunset.

    • JL

      I just saw Rasta Pasta today – might try to get there tomorrow!

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