Coconut Milk & Chickpea Flour Bread + Peachy Butter

by JL Fields on September 13, 2011

I have the bread baking bug.

Saturday evening I was thinking about what bread I might make on Sunday.  Then I remembered that I could prep a bread right that moment and set the timer for the bread maker to begin the process at 3:00 a.m. and be ready for me to enjoy when I woke up. But, what kind of bread?

Thanks to Uncle Jim’s response to my last bread post, and reader comments, I learned that gluten is required for bread to rise. I had no idea! I read up a bit on gluten in the bread baking process and also learned that gluten makes a nice crust on a bread and it also helps keep the bread from crumbling.  I certainly wanted those qualities but I like the density of gluten-free bread. So I had an idea.

How about a little coconut milk flavor (goodness knows I have tons on hand!)

How about a little bit of wheat gluten to make a “crust”?

JL’s Coconut Milk & Chickpea Flour Bread



  • Spray the bread maker pan with olive oil spray.
  • You can add the ingredients to the bread maker in the order suggested by the manufacturer (usually wet, dry, then yeast); however, I did this:
  • Whisk coconut milk and olive oil in a small bowl and pour into bread maker.
  • Whisk sugar, salt, flour and wheat gluten and pour into bread maker.
  • Make a little hole in the dry ingredients and pour the yeast into the hole.
  • Set the machine for a small, wheat loaf.

Look at that crusty top! Wow, vital wheat gluten rocks (well, we seitan-lovers knew that already)!

When the bread came out, I was craving something sweet. I had an idea.

Peachy butter!

I puréed one large peach in the food processor

and melted two tablespoons of earth balance in a small sauce pan. I added the peach puree to the saucepan and stirred in a half teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

I spread the Peachy Butter on a warm piece of bread

and swooned!

The bread is indeed dense–with flavor!  The natural sweetness of the Peachy Butter smothered on the warm bread made my taste buds dance.

I’m enjoying these bread adventures!


  • Does this mean I need a bread maker?

    • JL

      Maybe 🙂 (Though, when I get my nerve up, I may try these recipes in the steps) 🙂

  • Deanna

    If you want to make a slightly lighter GF loaf, the typical ration is 3/3/3 – 3 parts dense flour (garbanzo bean/sorghum/buckwheat/teff/brown rice flour), 3 parts lighter flour (white rice flour, sweet rice flour, millet, sorghum), 3 parts starch (potato/arrowroot/corn/tapioca).

    Light/heavy is a relative term. So, sorghum can work either as a heavy (with sweet rice flour as the light) or as a light (with garbanzo as a heavy). The same is true for millet, amaranth, quinoa, etc.

    Flax and chia both serve as stabilizers in place of xanthan or guar gum, and will help you get more rise without using gluten.

    • JL

      Good stuff, Deanna! Thank you!

  • Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    Wish I hadn’t read this post before my breakfast cause now I want your bread and peachy butter!  How did that peachy butter hold up in the refrig (looks like you made a lot of it.)?

    • JL

      Elizabeth, it held up great! I packed some for lunch yesterday and it was nice and thick and delicious cold! (by the way, it was in a little mason jar, it just looks big because of the way I took the photo — but still, definitely 4-5 servings)

  • I’m enjoying your adventures too! I’m itching to use my bread machine now. I think I’ll make a little loaf for the boyfriend and I to enjoy this weekend. And that peach butter sounds divine!

    • JL

      Oh, let me know what you think!

  • I really need to stop ignoring my bread machine. I’ve used it, maybe, twice. Sigh. This looks yummy!

    • JL

      Don’t ignore it! It’s so easy. I made two loafs Sunday. So nice to have fresh bread on hand!

  • What a great idea!

  • If you enjoyed the chickpea bread, you might want to look at some of the traditional chickpea flour flat breads like socca, (farinata, cecina). Some are pan-baked and some baked in the oven. I love them all!

    • JL

      I have yet to try socca. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Uncle Jim

    Wow Jeri,
    I’m enjoying your adventure. I’m still working on that recipe, have to get it just right :>)
    I was replacing the milk with veg oil but I think I will try almond milk now that you have used it. When you were here I used molasses in place of the honey and didn’t really like the taste for the multigrain so I got the idea to use maple syrup–perfect.
    Uncle Jim

    • JL

      You’ve created a monster, Uncle Jim!

  • Coconut Girl

    That looks super yummy, JL! I cannot wait to try it! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

    • JL

      Loved that So Delicious in my bread! 😉

  • your uncle jim’s comments are so sweet. i wish i had one.

    • an uncle jim that is, not a bread maker. 🙂

      • JL

        LOL, Bitt!

  • REE

    Tried making your bread today. Forgot to spray the bread pan so it stuck really bad! Will try again. Thanks for recipe…

    • JL

      Oh yeah, I always need to spray my bread maker pan. It sticks!

  • Anonymous

    Peach butter?!  Sign me up!

    • JL

      It’s so good! (on rice cakes, too!)

  • Chickpea flour = MMM!  The bread looks awesome, as does your peach butter.

    • JL

      I’ve become big fan on the chickpea flour!

  • Impressive – the bread and the peach butter! I’m decidedly not a baker but would definitely like to get into it at some point. Not sure when I’ll take the leap and get a bread maker but it’s a great idea since good quality loaves are $5-6 and that adds up.

    • JL

      Katie, I’ll be impressed if I ever get up the nerve to try to actually bake the bread! LOL For now I do enjoy the bread maker for exactly the point you make. I know what I’m putting in it, good stuff, and it’s much cheaper than buying it.

  • I am a fan of anything with coconut milk! This bread looks great… ever BETTA with the peachy BUTTA! 😀

  • Gabriela Donatti

    I’m a huge fan of chickpea flour! I make socca, use it in brownies, blondies, cookies, pancakes, etc. I tried making this bread just as you said though and it turned out super dry and not sweet at all! I wonder if our machines have different settings? I used the wheat bread setting. I think next time I’ll try only half chickpea and half wheat flour. Let us know if you try any other variations!

    • JL

       I still need to try socca!

      No, this bread is not sweet, in fact that’s why I made the peachy butter — to bring a sweetness to it.  I just bought a new breadmaker and it’s definitely baking up same bread recipes a bit different than with the other machine.  I have found that I need more liquid in my new one.  Perhaps, if you try it again, you could use a little more coconut milk?

  • Twocrowstalking

    Hi; I make a fantastic bread without any wheat gluten at all (it looks just like your bread) – but I’m trying to re-create it without eggs this time as I’m allergic to them (my husband can eat them).

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