A tremendous meal at vegan Sublime (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

by JL Fields on August 2, 2012

Our first day in Miami Beach was great – as was day two!  I started the day with an early morning meeting at one of the restaurants in the hotel. They offered the standard breakfast fare but I decided to ask the all important question “Can you see if they have tofu in the kitchen?”  Followed by “If so, I would love for the chef to prepare it however he likes, with vegetables and no butter or cheese because I’m a vegan.”

This is what I got.


Dave and I both worked all day but found a little time to hit the pool in the afternoon.   Then we drove up to Fort Lauderdale.  Why drive 26 miles for dinner when there are so many restaurants right in the Fontainebleau and in surrounding South Beach?  I wanted a full-on vegan experience and I knew I would get it at Sublime. Many of my friends have told me I must eat there one day and that day came.  Oh, baby, did we have a feast!

Before I get to the food, a bit about Sublime. It is a huge restaurant, super-hip, serving up vegan eats that are “wow” worthy.  The place was hopping with business and the staff were smiling, helpful and treated us like welcome guests.  But best of all? The owner of Sublime, Nanci Alexander, is an activist who donates 100% of Sublime’s profits to animal rights causes and recently The Nanci Alexander Center for Animal Rights

became PETA’s Washington DC home!

Let’s eat.

My dining companion was my lovely, absolutely not vegan-husband, Dave.  We enjoyed cocktails – a glass of Prosecco for me and a Mojito for him – while we scoured the extensive, exciting menu.  We simply couldn’t decide what to order so we decided to split two starters and share two entrees. While we were making our decision, the chef sent a taste of polenta to the table.

The taste was generous in size and big in flavor.

Then the feeding frenzy began. To start, the Frito Misto (cauliflower)

and the Pot Stickers

Both starters were fantastic. The Frito Misto lived up to its reputation as a signature Sublime dish.  My omnivore husband kept saying how much it reminded him of a traditional Chinese chicken dish and that he would choose this over that any day (food is activism!).

For dinner we split the Tempeh Reuben and a brick-oven, whole wheat BBQ & Cheddar pizza.

Once again, both dishes completely satisfied our taste buds but we were both crazy about the Tempeh Reuben. Again, the omnivore at the table said “This is the best vegetarian reuben I have ever had.”

We couldn’t resist dessert but did decide to show some restraint and order one to share. The Coconut Cake with an Almond Cookie.

Another winner, folks!  We demolished it in seconds flat.

I have taken Dave to some truly fine, vegan dining restaurants and experiences.  Candle 79 and Blossom in New York and Millenium in San Francisco, to name a few.  He was completely blown away by his meal at Sublime.  I quizzed him down about this and he used words like “familiar”  and “accessible.”  I then I got it. Nanci Alexander has done something really remarkable with her gorgeous, delicious and eye-pleasing restaurant. She has invited everyone in to enjoy a drink, to enjoy a meal, to see that you can eat foods that you know and love without harming animals.  Beautifully done.   I should note that a big meal at Sublime is quite reasonably price; we enjoyed two cocktails, two starters, a bottle of wine, two entrees and one dessert for $130.

I couldn’t leave without grabbing a Sublime cookbook (which includes recipes for the Frito Misto, Reuben and Coconut Cake – yay!)

and a t-shirt supporting the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, founded by Nanci Alexander.

It was an evening and meal to remember – one that my husband and I are still talking about today. I cannot wait to return to Fort Lauderdale for another exciting dining experience.  Sublime lives up to its name.

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  • bitt

    that looks so good JL! I hope to get there sometime, i keep hearing how great it is.

    • JL

      You must! It’s wonderful!

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  • I am heading to Boca next weekend and Sublime is now topping my list! Glad to hear you loved it, I appreciate the review

    • JL

      Oh, yay! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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  • Andrea

    Is that frito misto I see? I can never resist that when we’re at Sublime!

    • JL

      It sure is! SO GOOD! I bought the Sublime cookbook just so I could make this at home! LOL

  • veganpilotmarty

    I have schlepped pilots from West Palm and Miami to Sublime for that Frito Misto. Nanci is truly amazing. Glad you got to go!

    • JL

      Me, too! Can’t wait to get back there!

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