#whatveganseat and roadtrip!

by JL Fields on August 5, 2010

What Vegans Eat (Actually, what this vegan eats)

I’ve been a little obsessed with my summer salads this year; it’s my first summer eating vegan, after all.  I pack my lunch (and snacks!) every day for work and I like something filling, yet light.

(Kale, collards, green leaf lettuce and basil massaged in olive olive with pinto beans, cucumber, brown rice, blueberries, brown rice vinegar, dulse flakes, cayenne pepper, sesame seeds and dried, unsweetened coconut)

In my pre-dietary vegan days, cooking was a necessity, not really a joy.  I find that I talk about food all the time now, to anyone who will listen.  I am often asked, “but what do you eat?”  Here’s a typical day:

Breakfast:  Green smoothie with spinach, rice or almond milk, ground flax seed, frozen banana, date syrup and coconut water (some days I use hemp or protein powder)

Snack: raw green beans

Lunch:  massaged kale and collard green salad (massaged with olive oil and sea salt) with red beans, quinoa, blueberries and coconut water vinegar

Snack: raw celery

Snack: pecans and vegan cheese

Dinner: grilled tofu in a brown rice wrap (or one of my favorite vegan burgers on a spelt bun), kale & avocado salad with raw cashew dressing.

Dessert:  Not a daily occurrence but I do I love this banana soft serve from Choosing Raw or Purely Decadent Coconut “ice cream.”

I get a lot of food / meal ideas from Twitter by searching with the hashtag #whatveganseat (follow me on Twitter!) but most of my ideas come from some terrific vegan blogs.  Check out my blogroll and start reading (and eating!)

I don’t count calories. I have no idea how much fat I consume. I don’t really care.  I am eating delicious meals. My body is fueled for working out. For the first time in years I am not “dieting.”  My weight is consistent.  My cholesterol is out of this world great (128).  And I enjoy cooking.

Another Roadtrip!

This is my first summer at the new job.  I’m enjoying six weeks of summer Fridays (though longer Monday –  Thursday workdays kick me in the butt!)  In July I went to Connecticut and Pennsylvania and, though a metro New Yorker, played tourist and spent a weekend in Manhattan.

Now my husband and I are off to Vermont for the long weekend and I find myself once again thinking of the vegan items I want to pack for the trip.  Funny that just last week Vegan Backpacker included one of my blog posts in her Vegan Tips & Trips: July on this very topic!  This trip I’ll take a few staples: PureNRG bars, rice milk, vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc.  (I’m considering taking the blender for my green smoothies, but maybe I’ll just try to find a local juice bar?)

And I’m taking a batch of OhSheGlows latest creation, Easy Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas! I refuse to use the oven in the summer so I made the S&V chickpeas in the dehydrator.

My modifications:

  • 2 cans of chickpeas
  • 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • drizzled olive oil over the chickpeas
  • 1t sea salt

Dehydrate on high (153) for two hours; reduce to 105 degrees for an additional four hours.  SO good!

I’m ready for Vermont! Bike rides, a long run, swimming and RESTING!

Have a great weekend!

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