Candle 79 x 2…and an omnivore eats vegan

by JL Fields on August 2, 2010

I started eating vegan in January.  I read about several great vegan restaurants in NYC and could not wait to try one.  Cut to April.  I ran my first half-marathon of the season on a horrible day.  Cold, pouring rain.  Miserable.  Running Central Park twice is challenging on it’s own. The conditions made it even tougher. However, I knew what awaited me post-race. My first meal at Candle 79!

My husband amazes me. This was the fourth year I ran the MORE Magazine Half-Marathon. He always drives with me into the city and he runs 13.1 miles the opposite direction so he can encourage me during the race.  He actually ran again this year in the horrible weather!  He deserved a post-race feeding frenzy, too!

We started with a bottle of wine. This was before I realized that some wines are not vegan but you can count on organic, vegan wines at Candle 79.

We shared the Guacamole Timbale

He opted for brunch and went with the Homestyle Pancakes

I went for the lunch. First, a salad with hemp seeds.

Then the black bean pumpkin seed burger…with polenta fries (Oh. So. Good.)

We shared dessert:  strawberry-rhubarb pie: phyllo pastry, almond crumble, vanilla “ice cream”, berry coulis.

I race to eat (and drink!)

I visited Candle 79 a second time Friday night.  My niece was visiting from Illinois and we decided to get a hotel for a few nights rather than commute in and out of the city each day (great decision!)

She was willing to try a vegan restaurant!  We began with the French 79 cocktail.

and a taste of a bean spread on crusty bread, compliments of the chef.

My niece had the Guacamole Timbale and I tried the Live Avocado-Tomato Tartare.

We both had a bowl of the soup of the day, a tomato chickpea soup.

She ordered the Live Heirloom Tomato-Zucchini Lasagna.

and I had the Chipotle Ginger-Glazed Tempeh.

She enjoyed her meal as much as I enjoyed mine!

Candle 79 x 2 = Delicious x 2!

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