"Ice Cream" for Breakfast

by JL Fields on April 9, 2011

After some serious downtime I found myself working out pretty consistently this week and, as a result, I found myself craving a heartier breakfast. A few mornings this week, in addition to my daily green juice, I enjoyed this tasty treat.

JL’s “Ice Cream” for Breakfast (mostly raw)
Serves 1 (generously)


*1/2 c cashews
*1/2 c frozen mango chunks
*Half a frozen banana, cut into chunks
*1/4 c uncooked, rolled oats


Place all ingredients in a food processor (use the S blade) and pulse to desired consistency.

This is a great, filling breakfast — and it would make for a great dessert, too!

Do you notice you crave heartier meals as your training picks up?

  • I am definitely trying these home-made ice-cream recipes  🙂

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  • Yum!!!  I love dessert for breakfast (: can’t wait to try this!
    Did you soak the cashews at all?

    • Thank you! Nope, I did not soak the cashews, just tossed ’em in!

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  • I love this.  Always need some new breakfast ideas.  This is certainly new and different.  You’re so creative!  Thanks for another great recipe. 

  • Made it for breakfast this morning…SO YUMMY!

    • JL

      Fantastic! Isn’t it easy?! Thank you for letting me know!

  • So the mango is all you need to make it cold??  That’s cool!  I hate cutting mangos and usually they make it into my mouth before making it into the recipe but this looks like a great, super fast breakfast!

    • JL

      Yep, a little frozen fruit is all it takes!

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  • Craftyearthmama

    I saw your comment on my blog and this sounds super yummy! I could
    see my babygirl going crazy for this too. I’m trying it after my next
    batch of cashew ice cream. Thanks!

  • Nikkibov81

    AMAZING! My new favorite breakfast and a way to actually get my picky 5 year old daughter to eat breakfast!

    • JL

      Nikki, that’s so great!  I’m glad you enjoy it!

  • I am making this tomorrow! I don’t have mangoes but have bluberries — I’m so excited to surprise the kids! 🙂

    • JL

      It works great with all kinds of frozen fruit!  Pineapple rocks, too!  Hope the kids love it!

  • Mmm! This looks delicious! I do something similar with frozen blueberries and banana, but will have to try adding the cashew!

    • JL

       Mmm, and I will have to add blueberries next time!

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