Restaurant Week: Pure Food and Wine

by JL Fields on April 6, 2011

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Restaurant Week on JL goes Vegan!  (Yes, I’m thrilled to have delicious, vegan Caribbean food so close to home!)

Now, I return to Pure Food and Wine.  My first visit was in September when I took myself out for lunch and enjoyed a delicious taco salad. I returned in December, with my omnivore husband, to experience an incredible Five Course Chef’s Tasting Menu which I reviewed for This Dish is Veg.

Pure Food and Wine, New York, NY

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in April I popped into Manhattan for the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. Um, yeah, that didn’t work out. A crazy long line + a slightly Diva-ish JL = time to find a restaurant and a glass of wine.  I realized I was just a few blocks from Pure Food and Wine!

I couldn’t resist Sunday brunch. I was torn between the Spinach Florentine and the Quiche.  The server said, hand’s down, have the quiche. So I did.

Local Greenhouse Tomato & Basil Quiche with Italian Almond Crust with shaved cashew cheese + mixed greens, $17

The dish had a dense quality that makes you think “rich”, probably the cashews, but it’s simply not rich. It’s thick, the basil flavor makes your taste buds squirm with delight and the almond crust is simply perfect.  If you think “raw vegan” doesn’t make any sense, get thyself to Pure Food and Wine!  Confession? I wanted two. (It was a teeny little quiche!) Instead, I ordered cookies to go.

Oh, I might of had a glass of wine (or two) on my solo date.

The Lemon Bar

Almond coconut crust and tart lemon custard $8

The Mallomar

Chocolate covered pecan cookies with vanilla cream $6

After taking myself out for a fabulous brunch I thought the least I could do was share the cookies with my husband. While I found both delicious, the lemon bar was by far his favorite and I fell head-first in love with the Mallomar.

This was my first return visit to Pure Food and Wine since going higher raw.  I appreciate the creative and delicious food more than ever.  However, as much as I enjoyed that quiche, I really can’t justify the cost for such a small portion.  I will definitely return for another hearty salad or a special dinner, though—you can count on it!

Pure Food and Wine
54 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 477-1010

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Two Restaurant Week questions for you today:

  1. Have you dined at Pure Food and Wine?  Share your thoughts on flavor (and price)!
  2. One of my favorite things to do is take myself out for a nice meal.  Do YOU like to dine out by yourself?

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