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by JL Fields on November 11, 2011

Yesterday I was in Manhattan for a morning meeting. I had to get going early in the morning and decided I wouldn’t have time to make lunch and snacks for the day.  I double-checked the address for the meeting and that’s when it hit me– I would be just blocks from Pure Food and Wine!  I wouldn’t have time for a sit-down meal (like the first time I took myself out for lunch at Pure) but I recalled that Pure’s One Lucky Duck was around the corner.  The perfect place for raw, vegan, organic take-away!

I ordered a salad but couldn’t resist a few other things.

swan greens juice (cucumber, spinach, dandelion, grapefruit, tarragon, spearmint, yuzu) and chocolate cherry macademia Cookies

An hour later, finally settled into my office in Queens, I dove into the salad.

pumpkinseed and herb salad – greens, kale, parsley, cilantro, mint, hemp seeds, pumpkinseed macadamia parmesan, pumpkinseed lemon dressing GF

While I’m a bit critical of the portion size of meals at Pure Food and Wine I can assure you that the portions at One Lucky Duck are spot on. The juice was enough for half a serving yesterday and other half this morning. The salad was delicious and filled me up until dinner.  The cookies?  Fabulous! I shared them with my non-vegan colleague who was blown away.

One Lucky Duck — I’ll be back!


Today, a clarifying post on Stop Chasing Skinny:  Coming out: I’m not recovering from an eating disorder (and I didn’t have one)


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  • Meanie. Showing me all these exquisite photos, my dear, you make me jealous!

    • JL

      Just trying to get you back to NYC to play with me! 🙂

  • Hi JL!  I’m not vegan (or even vegetarian) or chasing skinny (skinny won that race years ago), but I do love Kale, green smoothies and Pure Food & Wine / One Lucky Duck so I was instantly drawn in when I read the title of your post!  I did raw for awhile and felt great but it was hard to maintain for me at 100%.  I have the original (un)cookbook for PFW and I still love making many of those recipes for friends who have never tried raw.  Loved seeing your pictures of the food from Lucky–it inspired me to go shopping for some ingredients to make a similar salad for my lunch today!  Thanks for the inspiration–following you by email and looking forward to more!

    • JL

      Mellissa, thank you so much for your comment! I love that you see that my blog isn’t just for vegans! Just about good food that happens to be so! 🙂 How was that salad today?!

  • Ooh, the parmesan looks inspired- do you think it was dehydrated? Wish I had some right now.
    Thanks for all the great photos!

    • JL

      Robin, I think it was in fact dehydrated. It was over the top delish!

  • I was I was still your non-vegan colleague so I could have tried one of those cookies!

  • you are a lucky duck! Pure Food and Wine is on my list of must go places and one lucky duck sounds delish too 🙂

  • I didn’t know they did meal take-aways, too. I will have to try that next time! I went to Pure Food and Wine last week during my trip to NYC and LOVED it. The food doesn’t even taste raw, it is that good. Adored their lasagna and loved all the desserts I tried: lemon tart, tiramisu and the almond creme from the mallomar. 🙂

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