Two days in the higher raw life…

by JL Fields on February 2, 2011

Earlier this month I posted that I would be trying to go “higher raw” and I shared a bit more about “why higher raw” in a guest post on Bitt of Raw.  I thought I would give you a glimpse into a couple of “days in the life” on my recent higher raw adventures.

Sunday morning I got up early and grabbed Ani’s Raw Food Essentials cookbook.  I prepped the Rye Flatbread recipe (p. 23) and got it going in the Excalibur.  The dough was very thin so I added more flax meal, which suddenly gave me dough for two dehydrator trays (the recipe indicates one tray, 9 pieces).  Once I had the bread going, I enjoyed a pre-workout green smoothie:  rice milk, uncooked rolled oats, spinach, hemp seed, frozen banana and agave.

When I got home, I made Ani’s raw Ravioli (p. 239) and Cherry Tomato Marinara (p. 240)

These “ravioli” were delicious! (I used the leftover raw Cashew Cheese from my vegan pizza day ‘za)

Sunday afternoon I tried my hand at G-Living’s homemade almond milk. G-Living also provided a recipe to use up the almond pulp, the raw Snowbwall Coconut Macaroon

Homemade nut milk and raw cookies? Pinch me! (My omni husband loves these raw cookies!)

Sunday evening I had my first cooked meal of the day:  Mac & Cheese and homemade seitan (I’ll be posting about these two dishes soon!)

Monday morning I made my first green smoothie with homemade almond milk: spinach, hemp seeds, uncooked rolled oats, cacao nibs and a frozen banana.  So delicious!  I really can’t see buying almond milk when I can make my own fresh and tasty nut milk.

My mid-morning snack was an oh-so-green juice:  granny smith apple, romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, ginger + lime juice.  My new favorite green juice!

And then, it was lunch time—a raw Rye Flatbread sandwich!

Flatbread, cashew cheese, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber and romaine lettuce.

What an amazing sandwich!

In the afternoon I had raw snap peas with humus and later an orange. Dinner was cooked:  reheated refried beans & brown rice and a raw cabbage salad with dehydrated tomatoes & peppers and red onion, with an olive oil, coconut water, lemon juice and Herbamere dressing.  I had a raw Snowball Coconut Macaroon for dessert.

I’m finding that during the week I’m 80-90% raw until dinner and dinner is usually 50/50.  This is definitely a process and I’m sure I’ll go through ebbs and flows.  I can report that my energy levels are surprisingly high — which is significant, considering the brutal winter we’re having— and I’m requiring much less sleep.  Something is working!

How do you incorporate raw foods into your diet in the winter?

  • Oh, how I’d love to have that green smoothie and a snowball coconut macaroon right now! 😀

  • Wow … delicious choices. I am loving the macaroon – it sounds really good! I’d also go for that flat bread!

    • Thanks! I’m really enjoying the variety of foods!

  • Wow, you are amazing! I love the dedication you’re putting into this and how you describe everything. I love the “idea” of raw, but with not being able to have any nuts, I struggle with the ability for it to be a true lifestyle.

    • Thanks, Crissie. I hear you on the nuts being a detractor. I really just started experimenting with them this weekend — and they do make the meals heartier and more filling. Not sure what you might be able to substitute?

  • Jenn

    Thanks for sharing! I’m very raw-curious, but at this point, I am still working on just eating more raw salads and veggies–I love my cooked food!

    It sounds like Ani’s book is a great place to get started on ideas beyond salads and crudites.

    • Jenn, I really like cooked (comfort!) food, too, but I am finding that so many of the raw dishes I’m trying leave me equally satiated.

  • Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    Just back from a workout and I’m going straight to the kitchen to make that green smoothie. Sounds like the perfect post-run snack. Now if only someone would deliver some of those macaroons…

    • My husband is requesting a new batch of almond milk….so that he can have more macaroons! LOL

  • Lovely meals! It’s fun to be raw when those are the options, huh?

    I think your high raw int he day and dinner 50/50 is great. Especially if you are noticing results. Some people go full tilt into raw then full tilt the other way. Finding a balance like you are is important.

    • Thanks, Bit. I really value your opinion! (you’re a virtual mentor to me!) And I agree. If you discover creative and delicious raw recipes, why wouldn’t you want to eat more raw?!

  • Anonymous

    You are really inspiring me with your gorgeous photos right now. I am starting to think about incorporating more raw foods into my diet. Isn’t it fun to create all these wonderful, healthy foods? I love it!

  • Wow, this all looks amazing!! So fresh & delicious. I love the look of those cookies! Your green juice sounds a lot like my current favorite, but I usually add some parsley & kale stems.

    • Mmm, great additions (putting parsley on my grocery list!)

  • I am super impressed by your raw eats, and inspired! I recently dined at a really amazing raw restaurant in Chicago and I have been wanting to get into this more myself. I have a very neglected dehydrator that is begging for attention! I’d love to try some flat bread especially, that would be a new one for me.

  • I haven’t tried Ani’s rye bread yet, but the zucchini bread is excellent. The milk and macaroons looks great! Macaroons are always a hit with my hubby too.

    The raw sandwich is gorgeous, looks like the one on the cover of Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen – awesome job!

    Usually for the winter I’m 50-70% raw, but have been creeping that up lately with our nicer weather.

    • Thank you, Christine! I’m going to try another bread this week. Love that cookbook!

  • your food looks beautiful! and hello coconut macaroons…i apparently need to invest in a dehydrator!

    • I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my dehydrator. Crackers, bread, cookies, vegetables and fruit. I tend to use it once a week, and load up the trays, though I may try using it more during the week to “lightly warm” some of my raw dishes.

  • Oh, that Rye Breads looks awesome! I must have completely passed over it in Ani’s book – Going to have to retrack that one this weekend – thanks for sharing!

    • It’s really delicious! I’ve been eating it all week with nut pate or cashew cheese. The, this afternoon, with almond butter…YUM!

  • ah – your food looks so good! I must admit I have been lusting after a dehydrator so I can make my crackers & stuff. You make it all look so easy!

    • You know what? It IS easy! I’m so surprised how simple it is it prepare raw foods. Whip up something in the blender or food processor and voila! (Easy, but dehydrating does require patient — “non-cooking” time is long!)

  • sorry I accidentally posted twice. 🙂

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