Broccoli with Cashew Sauce

by JL Fields on April 22, 2014

I haven’t written one of my “what I’m eating” posts for a while and I know many new vegans – and veg-curious folks – like to actually see different ways to add plants to one’s diet. So, here we go, a glimpse into my meals at home –  as well as those when out and about – over the past few weeks.

What Vegans Eat in Colorado Springs

One evening at Adam’s Mountain Cafe I enjoyed the soup special, something with chickpeas,

chickpeas at Adam's Mountain Cafe

and Ling’s Hakka Noodles (with sesame crusted tofu).

senegalese vegetables at Adam's Mountain Cafe

Oh, there was also dessert (orange cake).

orange cake at Adam's Mountain Cafe

Public Service Announcement: Adam’s Mountain Cafe is closed beginning April 21 as they move to their new location at 26 Manitou Ave. They are hoping the move will only take one week – call ahead!

I also popped into Coquette’s Bistro and Bakery, recently reopened in downtown Colorado Springs, and sampled the vegan calamari (oyster mushrooms)

vegan calamari at Coquette's Bistro

and, because they were out of their famous black bean tofu, I had a salad with hummus.

salad with hummus at Coquette's Bistro

They tend to have vegan cupcakes in the bakery case so don’t miss out on gazing at the sweet treats.

vegan cupcakes at coquette's

I also tried out 503|W on Colorado Avenue. I had the dressed edamame

dressed edamame at 503|W

and a beet salad, hold the cheese.

beet salad at 503|W

These vegan taquitos were an impulse buy at Natural Grocers.

vegan taquitos | Natural Grocers

Both the beef- and chicken-style are delicious and a big hit with my omnivore husband.

I made broccoli with cashew sauce for breakfast the next morning.

Broccoli with cashew  sauce

We stopped into The Blue Star (lounge side) one late afternoon and I enjoyed this veganized kale Caesar salad.

kale salad at The Blue Star

And this brown rice and tofu dish.

brown rice and tofu at The Blue Star

I recently placed a Vegan Cuts order for skin care, lipstick, a make-up bag, and, well, I couldn’t resist ordering up vegan caviar, known as Cavi-Art. So good.


I finally found my way over to the food trucks in downtown Colorado Springs (only a block from my office!) and tried out the vegan soup (hold the creme fraiche) and already vegan green bean salad at SuppenBar. I’ll be back.

SuppenBar Food Truck

Our vegan/veg Meetup hosted a Vegan Drinks event at McCabe’s Tavern. Greg Howard dazzled us with this vegan butternut and chard lasagna. Mmm Mmm.

butternut squash and chard lasagna at McCabe's

I made avocado toast for breakfast one morning: Dave’s Killer Bread (Powerseed) + one ripe avocado + nutritional yeast + Sriracha. Breakfast of champions!

avocado toast

We had an early dinner one evening at Amanda’s Fonda (the Old Colorado City location), where I had the Mexican pizza appetizer, hold the meat, cheese, and sour cream –  add lettuce.

Mexican pizza at Amanda's Fonda

I packed this salad for lunch one day: Salad romaine, sprouts, black beans, tomato, nutritional yeast, avocado, ume plum vinegar, Herbamere, black pepper, and walnuts.

Salad for lunch

My office mate was jealous.

Dave and I made a 15-minute dinner that night. He prepared the salad and Beyond Meat Feisty Beef-Less Crumble stuffed potatoes (with mushroom and onion) while I made a broccoli, bok choy, green bean, mushroom and garlic veggie mix (4 mins in the pressure cooker), served with Tamari-Lime dressing (tamari, lime juice, garlic and red pepper flakes). 

15-minute vegan meal

The next morning I made a tofu scramble in the pressure cooker (veg broth, garlic, onion, carrots, potato, tofu, arugula, herbs de provence, turmeric – three minutes at high pressure, quick release) and served it with nooch and Sriracha. I spread a little Shine yam butter on toast and was fueled well for a busy workday.

Tofu scramble in the pressure cooker

I love leftovers and my veggie mix with tamari lime dressing was a perfect cooked side to a very raw salad with black beans. This was my Good Friday lunch.

leftover veggies and salad

It’s probably clear that Dave is a huge Beyond Meat fan. He made dinner Saturday night: Beef-Less Crumble Hash Tacos with cabbage and radish. So, so good.

Not Beef Hash Tacos with cabbage with radish

Easter Sunday we went on a hike with UpaDowna (I’m on the board of directors)

UpaDowna third sunday

and picked up trash on the route.

UpaDowna cleans up

We went to McCabe’s for brunch

coconut-crusted tofu at McCabe's

where I enjoyed a vegan Bloody Mary (hold the Worcestershire sauce) and the coconut-crusted tofu.

See! It’s easy being vegan, whether at home or dining out!

  • RubberCowgirl

    Mmm, looks good! I will be in Colorado Springs this summer – I’m looking forward to trying the places you recommended!

    • JL

      What, @rubbercowgirl:disqus?! Please let me know when you’ll be here! Would love to show you around!

      • RubberCowgirl

        I will definitely look you up! I shall arrive mid-June.

  • Barb

    I bought those taquitos on an impulse buy about a month ago at our Sprouts, they were in the “marked down” freezer at the end of the aisle. I was just cruising by and the word “vegan” caught my eye. They were yummy!

    • JL

      @disqus_OVSwN88GCU:disqus, that’s exactly what happened! Dave said “hey look! vegan!” LOL We both loved them!

  • Emily B

    Thanks for the post and delicious photos! Sometimes you just need a look at someone else’s plate to be re inspired to keep trying new things. And I had no idea tofu scrambles could be done in the pressure cooker. My mind is blown and I’m so excited to do it for my husband and I. He’s an omnivore too, but loves a tofu scramble and I just never have enough time in the morning to make one. So excited to try it!

    • JL

      Emily, let me know what you think of the pressure cooker tofu scramble! Overall i doesn’t necessarily save time, but I can add potatoes and other root veggies, which would take time, and it makes for a hearty breakfast!

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