Weekly Round-Up: What I’ve read, how I’ve trained and what I blogged

by JL Fields on May 15, 2011

I thought I’d start this week’s round-up with links to a couple of posts of interest:

I know many of you come to this blog for the fitness as well as the food so here’s a recap of my triathlon training:

  • Saturday: 50 minute bike
  • Sunday: 45 minute run
  • Tuesday: 40 minute run
  • Wednesday: 50 minute bike
  • Thursday: 35 minute bike followed by 20 minute run(first brick workout of the season)!
  • Friday: 30 minute run

For some of you, this may seem like a lot of exercise. To others, not so much. Keep in mind that in a recent post I shared that I have asked my coach (okay, he’s my husband, too) to give me a moderate triathlon training plan. So far it’s really working for me!  Do you what workout was missing this week?  I really need to swim next week (Trust me, the workout was in my plan; I chose to skip it.  My coach was not happy!)

And now, on the blog this week:

MONDAY  Vegan 101: Vegan Meals for Kids

The lovely Keri of I Eat Trees contributed to the Vegan 101 series.

TUESDAY Chickpea – TVP Burgers

I had some fun on the grill with this new burger recipe and, naturally, a side of Kale

THURSDAY  I made my own vegan cheese!

Finally,  I rolled up my sleeves and tried two vegan cheese recipes. Success!

This vegan cheese post was an Editor’s Pick and featured on the What’s Hot list on BlogHer’s Food page on Thursday!

FRIDAY  Friday Night Dinner at The Natural Gourmet

I reviewed my first meal at The Natural Gourmet Institute.

Back again on Monday with a new Vegan 101 post!

  • I was just browsing your recipes and wanted to tell you how much I love your recipes page – so easy to navigate! It must have taken a lot of work, but it is much-appreciated. 🙂

    • Laura, all credit goes to the folks at http://www.recipage.com! The time it takes on my end is simply to upload a photo and input the ingredients and instruction– it took awhile to set it up but now it’s a breeze!

  • I love your website; I just found it and it’s amazing. So happy to have found you, a fellow NYC healthy foodie…let’s meet up and chit chat! Keep up the great work; loving your content and recipes!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I just saw your snap pea smoothie — YUM! We should definitely meet-up!

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