Meet the VeggiDome: a vegetable “cookie” jar! (get 10% off)

by JL Fields on July 10, 2017

You guys! I, along with 1,200 people, supported an Indigogo campaign for a kitchen gadget – described as a cookie far for vegetables – last year and it’s here! Front and center on my kitchen counter! Meet the VeggiDome:

Here’s how it works:

The VeggiDome has four carefully designed pieces that balance moisture in the air. The lid vents natural ethylene gas that some produce emits and can accelerate spoilage.

Although some fresh produce has been found to last weeks, if you have something in there that long, you’re not using it right! The VeggiDome is a server that should be re-filled every few days because your family is now eating more veggies, and reaching for the Dome instead of the cookie jar!

Here’s why I love it:

  • When I get noshy / snacky / feed-me-all-the-food-because-feelings, the VeggiDome is what I see first. I nibble on snap peas, carrots, celery, and radishes.
  • When I’m getting ready to make a meal, I scan the VeggiDome to see if there’s anything I want to steam or saute and get it going. Then I start chopping veggies to make a salad for dinner. I’m eating even more vegetables than before (if that’s possible!). I refill the VeggiDome immediately.
  • Vegetables last longer and I can see what vegetables I have (reducing the chance of veggies going to waste when hidden away in the crisper in my refrigerator).
  • My husband is snacking on vegetables! Here’s the thing: I love me some chips and other goodies but I don’t buy them. Dave does. But now he’s diving into the vegetable jar instead of the chip bag. Hurray!

When the folks at VeggiDome saw my video on Facebook they reached out to offer a discount to you! Get 10% off the VeggiDome at checkout with code VEGGITEN! 

I think you’ll love the VeggiDome. It encourages healthy snacking because it’s right there, and, bonus, the colorful vegetables are gorgeous out on display, like a bouquet of flowers.

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Get 10% off the VeggiDome at checkout with code JLFIELDS “VeggiDome”

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