Vegan-Friendly Tabor Mountain Bakehouse Relocates to Colorado Avenue

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by JL Fields on March 16, 2013

I discovered Tabor Mountain Bakehouse when we moved here just a few months ago. A few doors down from Mountain Mama Natural Foods, I would pop in for a allergy-free, vegan baked good. Kristi, the owner, and I hit it off the minute we met. Last month I dropped in to hang a flier for my vegan education class and she told me the big news – she was relocating the business to a fabulous space on Colorado Avenue.

Did she ever! She has so much space now, enough to add a yoga studio!, and she has a patio for outdoor seating.

Yesterday Tabor Mountain Bakehouse held a day-long celebration at the new space and I decided to make it an event for the Colorado Springs Vegan & Vegetarian Group MeetUp.  Lisa, our group’s organizer, and I spent hours out on the patio enjoying delicious food, fabulous weather (it was 72 degrees – yeah, winter has been so tough in Colorado), and great company. Ann and Peter Swissdorf, founders of Vegan Life Colorado (our MeetUp sponsor) and organizers of VegFest Colorado (I’ll be doing a cooking demo presentation and selling books there in July!) came down to enjoy the celebration and my friend Bonnie of Hungry Chicken Homestead was at the table next to us with her group Colorado Springs Local Foods MeetUp. I loved seeing the community come together to support Kristi and her team!

The festivities in photos:

Vegan-Friendly Menu Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

Vegan-Friendly Menu Items!

JL goes Vegan at Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

Kristi placed my card at the counter! So generous of her!

Kristi, Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

The fabulous Kristi, pleasing the huge lunch crowd!

Vegan Soup, Salad, and Bread at Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

Lisa and I wanted it all, so we ordered two entrées to split: Potato & Leek Soup in a Bread Bowl and Organic Greens Salad with Focaccia. Delicious!

Music, Samples and Sweets at Tabor Mountain Bakehouse

Live music, free samples, almond butter chocolate cups, oh my!

Now that’s a celebration!

Congratulations, Tabor Mountain Bakehouse! I’ll be back…often!


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