Vegan Brunch at Bloodroot, Bridgeport, CT. Plus: Scenes from a triathlon

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by JL Fields on August 27, 2012

Sunday my husband Dave competed in an Olympic distance triathlon in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We decided to make a little get away out of the event.  We arrived in Bridgeport late Saturday afternoon, had a less than fabulous vegan meal at a non-vegetarian restaurant for dinner, and turned in early at the hotel.

We awoke to a stunning morning.

Perfect race conditions for a swim,

bike, and


I got a thumb’s up from Dave on his run – this being the longest distance triathlon for him since breaking his leg last year.

He finished

15th place overall (out of 234!) and fifth place in his age group!

He was so pleased that I wanted to come with him for the race. Truth?  I wanted to go because I wanted to have a vegan brunch at Bloodroot. I kid, I kid (sort of).

Bloodroot is a feminist restaurant (and bookstore) that has been around for 35 years.

Walk in, take a look at the daily menu (vegan items are marked with an “*”),

place your order, hand your ticket to the counter and have a seat.

Actually – because Bloodroot is totally feminist, fabulous and communal – you grab your own coffee, water, and utensils on your way to the table. Once your food is ready, they call your name from the counter and you pick it up.

I ordered a tofu scramble

with soy sausage.

This was an excellent brunch! My omnivore husband had a 3-egg Spanish omelet and gave it two thumbs up.

This was my second Sunday Brunch at Bloodroot. I must get back for lunch or dinner!

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  • VeganLind

    I love my Bloodroot vegan cookbook. A former neighbor/friend worked at Bloodroot years ago and there are pictures of her in the cookbook. Always something good to be made, but I’m jealous you’ve actually dined there. Looks good!

    • JL

      I almost bought the cookbook while there!

  • Bloodroot sounds good and reminds me a little of the sketch in Portlandia of the feminist bookstore.

    Thought you might find this article interesting since you brought up palm oil on one of your posts.

    • JL

      Ha! Yes I saw that one! Love it! And thanks for the link …very interesting!

  • Feminism! Vegan food! Dave kicking butt in his tri! This post contains so many of my favorite things.

    • JL

      Aw, thanks, Gena!

  • Congrats to Dave! And glad you found a great place to brunch after the “meh” dinner. 🙂

    • JL

      Me, too! Hate “meh” dinners!

  • Jen

    I’ve never been for brunch but have had a yummy dinner! Love this post– inspiring me to head back up! And I echo the others in congratulating Dave…fantastic achievement.

    • JL

      I would love to get there for dinner!

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