Vegan Biscuits and Sausage Gravy (starring Upton’s Naturals seitan)

by JL Fields on October 23, 2013

Yesterday I shared an interview with the owners of Upton’s Naturals, which included a GIVEAWAY (two lucky readers will win a FREE package of seitan – enter now!). Today I’m sharing a recipe I developed using Upton’s Naturals Ground Seitan.

But first, a little background. My husband and I made this recipe together. My husband is an omnivore. Over the years he has certainly progressed on the spectrum  – now vegetarian at home – but he’s still not vegan or vegetarian. He makes a lot of the vegan meals in this house, though. For that reason we use a lot of products like Tofurky sausage, Qrunch burgers, Field Roast celebration roast, Upton’s Natural seitan, and more.

Without apology.

I think transition foods have a real place in the diets of people who are moving along the veg-spectrum. I agree with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau‘s opinions on the subject and with how Dan responded in the interview yesterday:

Seitan isn’t “mock” anything, it’s real seitan that’s been made for thousands of years.

I don’t eat “faux” food; I eat real food. Seitan is real food. And when my husband and I can make something together that is familiar to both of us, that pleases both of our palettes, that connects us  to our food history – in a compassionate way – well, YAY!

And that’s what we did with this recipe. I wanted to make something fun with Upton’s Naturals ground seitan so we started brainstorming foods we “miss”. Biscuits and gravy came to both of us right away. So Dave took to the Interwebs and found a recipe he could adapt to vegan. He then sautéed the ground seitan with seasonings that sounded good to him and I used those seasonings in my white bean gravy recipe.

Vegan Biscuits and Gravy | JL Fields | JL goes Vegan

This multivore tag-team brunch was a huge hit! Here’s the recipe:

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My thanks to Dan and Nicole of Upton’s Naturals for the great interview yesterday and for making such a great product. Oh, and thanks for providing coupons for me to GIVEAWAY to two lucky readers. Enter here to win! And if you would like your local store to carry Upton’s Naturals, download this request card!

upton's naturals setian request card

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