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by JL Fields on March 9, 2012

Last August at Vida Vegan Con we were dazzled by the food vendors.  Many of us fell in love with Upton’s Naturals, a Chicago-based company that produces gourmet seitan. I have read on many blogs that Upton’s is making its way into stores across the country but I have yet to see it in New York. Of course, I’ve been busy making my own seitan


A few weeks ago Spencer’s Market (who, like Vegan Cuts, offers weekly deals on vegan products) offered an Upton’s Naturals deal that I could not pass up:

Spencer’s Market is offering 6 different seitan products (!), including a limited edition Bacon-style seitan not available in stores.  Use the ground style in lasagna and the chorizo style in your tacos; try the Italian one with some spaghetti and use the “bacon” in a BLT.  And when you don’t feel like cooking?  Heat up the corn tamales…

$23 on the seitan + shipping + cold pak = $30 for all of this:

And these:

Hail Seitan!

I tossed the seitan and “bacon” into the freezer and the tamales into my steamer.

Served up with a side of lettuce, tomato, onion, and topped off with a creamy dressing (mixed vegan sour cream with fresh lime juice and fresh ground pepper).

So spicy! So delicious! So in love with seitan!


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  • These sound wonderful and what a deal! It’s been too long since I’ve had tamales! 

    • JL

       SO good!

  • Flsseaton

    That looks awesome, JL.

  • Jmalison

    I bought that package and loved the tamales but as a newbie Vegan I’m not sure how to cook the Seitan bacon.  Do you just fry it like regular bacon?

    • JL

      Hi there! I haven’t made the bacon yet (hmmmm, I need to try some for brunch tomorrow!) but, yes, I will fry it up in a skillet but will probably only use a cooking spray.  Have you tried any of the crumbled products yet? I added some to tomato sauce this week…YUM!

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