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by JL Fields on April 18, 2012

It’s mid-week (already?!) and, because of a recent schedule change, I find that I am able to do less bulk cooking and actually cook when I want to eat. It’s led to some fun eats!

I finally tried  The Vegg – a new product dubbed as “The World’s First Vegan Fried Egg” but, to me, it seems more like a plant-based egg yolk alternative. On the package the makers of The Vegg suggest using it for french toast or a tofu scramble.

What kind of vegan am I? I had no tofu! Nor bread for french toast. Thanks to the magic of Google I discovered this vegan Hollandaise Sauce recipe and promptly steamed a head of broccoli.

Quick Hollandaise Sauce? Yep.  Between the use of hot water and blending in the Vita-Mix it was done in seconds! I poured it over the freshly steamed veggies and devoured it. It was kind of creepy to eat, in that it’s really did seem like I was eating egg.  Having said that, the Hollandaise Sauce was delicious.  I’m looking forward to trying The Vegg in baking and, most certainly, for french toast!  Have you tried The Vegg?

Earlier this week a post from Brown Vegan popped up in my reader:  Dinner in 15 Minutes? Yes! Fried Rice.  I happened to have cooked grains in my refrigerator and, believe it or not, I have never made fried rice so I decided to make lunch in 15 minutes.

I didn’t have frozen vegetables so I opted for fresh.  I sautéed garlic, carrot, celery, and cabbage in avocado oil and dulse flakes.  I added about a cup of cooked, cold brown rice + pearled barley mix to the skillet, turned up the heat, and continued to saute for about five minutes. Since I didn’t have onion, I chopped up some fresh chives and stirred them into the rice and squeezed the juice of half a lemon in before giving it a final stir in the skillet.  Delicious. Thanks for the inspiration, Monique!

I was making a grocery list and added a loaf of bread. And then thought “Why? I can make my own!”  So I grabbed the manual for my Cuisinart bread machine in hopes of finding a quick and easy recipe from the manufacturer.  Score! Rosemary and Olive Oil Bread.

I cut off a hot slice straight out of the machine and spread homemade vegan butter on it.


The next morning I made a TTBLT Breakfast Sandwich with the Rosemary and Olive Oil bread.

That’s a tamari-tempeh bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich; I simply marinated the tempeh in tamari sauce and liquid smoke before a quick fry.

I’m about to make a late breakfast (brunch) and think I will simply drizzle some warm, leftover vegan Hollandaise Sauce over steamed asparagus. What yummy eats are you enjoying this week?

  • Sprint2theTable

    The Vegg?!  Heather @ Better with Veggies and I were JUST talking about why there hasn’t been a vegan fried egg yet.  I need this in my life! 🙂

    • JL

      I need to play with it. I’m not sure how to make it “fried” unless is looks like a yellow McDonald’s fried egg, which is just scrambled? Must experiment!

      • I was about to type exactly what Laura said and she beat me to it. The only thing I can’t figure out how to replicate is Eggs Benedict, which was my favorite brunch treat. It doesn’t sound like this would really get the runny egg experience – I’ll keep my figures crossed for the future!

  • Cobi Kim

    Aloha! I’ve been following your blog for about a year, love the content and was shocked this morning when I saw you had tried my recipe. So glad you liked it 🙂 To accomplish a true “fried egg” you have to perform a little molecular gastronomy for a speherified yolk(using calcium chloride) and I’m still playing with the consistency for a “white” I like. I know some people are using konjac, but I’ve been playing with a mochiko mixture. I love the Vegg so I can just dip my toast into some yolky goodness.

    • JL

       We’ve been admiring one another from afar, then! 🙂 Your tutorials are SO helpful!  I don’t think I would have tried a Hollandaise sauce until I saw your post! Thank you for such a terrific recipe – and for your great ideas re: The Vegg!

  • Mhgross

    Thanks for sharing this.  As a newly converted vegan, and a full time working single mom, I find that time is my biggest enemy.  So any tips, hints or recipes for those “fast” meals are life savers. Thank you so much!

    • JL

       Welcome to the “team”!  I try to tag some posts with “quick meals” Check this out for more ideas on quick and easy meals!  Please be sure to ask whenever you have questions – and you can always email me: jlATjlgoesveganDOTcom

  • VeganLisa

    I have seen the Vegg all over the blogosphere but haven’t seen any sign of it in Canada. I don’t miss eggs AT ALL but I appreciate your review. It does offer up some interesting brunch potential.

    • JL

       I agree re: not really missing eggs  – which really surprised me  when I went vegan!

  • I NEED to try this… I miss hollandaise sauce, and have tried a couple times to get it right. 

    • JL

      I didn’t even know I liked Hollandaise sauce until I made this 🙂 

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