The Oneness-Fountain-Heart Restaurant: A vegetarian (and vegan!) treasure in Queens, NY

by JL Fields on September 7, 2011

Did you get a chance to check out my new Red Beans, Kale & Sun-dried Tomato Stew recipe that I posted yesterday? I took a bowl to work yesterday to reheat for lunch. Even better the next day! I hope you try it!

Last week a colleague overheard me talking about being a vegan. She asked if I had been to The Oneness-Fountain-Heart restaurant, just a few miles from campus .  I had never heard of it.  She is not vegan, but she is kosher and she highly recommended it.  I went the next day.

I love Queens. Little gems like this on the corner. Who knows how many times I passed it?

An adorable, bright restaurant, just before the lunch crowd started picking up.

We were handed a juice menu (yes!) and the lunch menu.

I started with the Super Spirulina.

(My friend enjoyed the ginger cooler.)

The menu includes an image of a cow if it is vegan.

I started with a very basic, fresh, summer vegetable soup.

Before the server brought the soup he came to the table to confirm that I was vegan. “Yes,” I said. “Good,” he said, “I will bring you the vegan butter.” Nice! It was a hot day but the soup was refreshing and that crusty bread?  Fantastic.

Next up: the Thai “Chicken” Wrap.

Grilled veggie chicken stuffed in a whole wheat wrap with carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, and a sweet & tangy Thai sauce.

So, so good! I often find faux meat heavy but this was lightly prepared and the crisp vegetables were the exact right combo for the wrap.

There were vegan options on the dessert menu, too,

but even I have my limits. I had to go back to work and function, so I passed.

The restaurant, the food, the service (and the wonderful conversations with our server and the manager) all exceeded my expectations.  I have a feeling I will become a regular.

The Oneness-Fountain-Heart
157-19 72nd Avenue
Flushing, NY 11367
(718) 591-3663

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  • How neat that you discovered a new place. It sounds delicious, and juice too! My city is known as pretty vegan-friendly, but in actuality the only vegan restaurants we really have are Loving Hut plus a couple others with available vegan substitutes (think: tofu instead of eggs and soy cheese). I’m not a huge Loving Hut fan because everything is based around fake meat rather than whole and fresh foods and I don’t think it displays how delicious and healthy a vegan diet can be. The photos of your meal have me drooling, though!

    • JL

      This place had a nice mix of faux meat and fresh foods (salads). I like the fast food element of Loving Hut but always feel like i”m consumed a week’s worth of sodium.

  • Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    I want that Ginger Cooler right now.  And I want to eat everything else at that restaurant.  I live too far away.  Boo Hoo.  Why an image of a cow next to the vegan option?  That’s confusing me.  Anyway, I hope you have the opportunity to get back there from time to time.

    • JL

      I think it was supposed to a living, happy cow 🙂

  • I could go for the Super Spirulina or the Ginger Cooler right about NOW!  It’s already 85 degrees here and it’s only 9am.  Gonna be a hot one!  I love when I find little gems right in my own hood.  This place looks and sounds like a great find!  It’s always nice to find restaurants with vegan options.  Your lunch looked yummy.  And that dessert menu, well, I don’t know if I would be able to pass.  🙂 

    • JL

      I thought you might like this. Lots of raw options between salads and juices. That cashew-based berry dessert is calling my name. Might have to go back next week.

  • What the what?!? I lived in Queens for two years and I never saw this little gem! On Bell Blvd?

    • JL

      It’s in Flushing — definitely not a place to go for a one hour lunch break but it was my birthday lunch so…. It only took about 10-15 mins to get there. I could have told him to serve us more quickly too, but, um, I was getting blog material! 😉

  • I love Queens too! This is a must try next time I’m in the city! Thanks for the review!!!

    • JL

      Definitely, Tiffany!

  • Sarah

    No fair!  We just came home from my mother in laws Sunday night.  She lives close by!  Bummer!  I did go into the city to try Soft Serve Fruit(as per Choosing Raw’s recommendation) though and loved it–especially my non veg friends and family, love when that happens.  I will have to put this place on my list for my next visit.

    • JL

      Definitely try it next time you’re in Queens!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!!  I would be SO excited to see a place where I live that was a juice bar/vegan restaurant! 🙂 Wooo

  • That wrap looks delicious! Seeing the picture of it is making me hungry! I wish we had a place like that near where I live.

    • JL

      I’m really happy to have found it!

  • What a neat find! The juices look wonderful, especially the Ginger Cooler! You must go back for the desserts to give us a full report. 🙂

    • JL

      Must. get. dessert. 🙂

  • I love the look of that food and drinks.. Wish there’s some vegan restaurant here in my city 🙁

    • JL

      Do you have restaurants who cater to vegans? Might be time for some compassionate activism!

  • Christa Shelton

    You just made me very homesick for NYC.  Although it’s not my real hometown, I lived there for two years and it tops the list of my favorite cities!  Also, I lived in College Point, so that probably isn’t far from my old stomping grounds!  Gotta get out there for a visit soon and you know I’ll be hitting you up when I do for some laughs and vegan eats! 🙂

    • JL

      Christa, count on it! You just let me know when!

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