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Where whole foods and convenience come together to help you follow a plant-based diet!

Real World Vegan Meal Plans

What does “real world” mean?

It means most of us don’t actually eat 21 meals at home each week. We don’t cook each and every meal from scratch.

Not a diet, not allergy-free, not low-fat / no-oil, simply a way to eat for most people who want wholesome recipes to cook at home and to find the best convenience options.

The 3-Month Real World Vegan Meal Plan

$1 a week for a vegan meal plan? Yep! Purchase here.

Developed by JL Fields – a cookbook author, certified Food for Life instructor, personal chef, and certified vegan lifestyle coach – and Dave Burgess – a triathlon and swim coach who holds a certificate in sports nutrition – our meal plans are for the vegan/vegetarian/veg-curious person who has some time to cook at home but needs quick and easy ideas, too. This 175 page, three-month meal plan – only $1 a week! – includes 88 recipes (including pressure cooking instructions!), 158 meal ideas, and 26 tips to help you navigate dining out, travel, grocery shopping and storing food.

12 weekly meal plans include:

  • Six to eight recipes for a family of four; this is an easy number to reduce if you’re cooking for one or two, or to increase if your family is a little larger (sign up for the six-month plan and we’ll customize the recipe to 2, 4, or 6 servings to meet your needs). At least two recipes are bulk-cooked items that can be used in several recipes and/or frozen for future use.
  • A shopping list for the recipes.
  • Meal “ideas” with grocery shopping suggestions.
  • Tips on how to navigate meals out at restaurants, at work, or in social settings.

We do not place each meal in a calendar, because how do we know when you’ll be home to cook or eat? You make the recipes and meal ideas when you want.

Purchase our three-month meal plan here.

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