Raw, vegan eats on Long Island: Live Island Cafe, Huntington, NY

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by JL Fields on July 15, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day! I am finally going to tell you all about my vegan lifestyle coaching practice – and I’m going to be giving away coaching sessions! Stay tuned! Right now, however, I simply have to share a review of a restaurant that I tried for the first time yesterday.

Dave and I have been friends with Elaine and Tim for nearly 14 years.  All four of us, as individuals, have changed immensely over time and the open and genuine nature of our friendship means that we each have experienced support and a lack of judgment from one another.  When I went vegetarian, Elaine and Tim started making only vegetarian meals when we would visit. When I went vegan I would offer plant-based creations – and they were thrilled. They even requested that we all go to Candle 79 for dinner last year; they were equally smitten with the  fine-dining vegan experience.

Metro NYC is a funny place. As close as everything seems to be, some places just aren’t.  We live in Westchester County and they live on Long Island. On good traffic days it’s a 90-minute drive.  On bad traffic days it can by over 2 hours.  We take turns visiting one another and often we choose to meet in Manhattan or we pick a random halfway point.  Yesterday we drove to them, and the traffic goddess was on our side. So was the vegan goddess.

Elaine and Tim heard about a new place that opened up very close to them – a raw, vegan cafe that offered carry-out – and suggested it for lunch. Yes, please! Our two good friends were incredibly helpful to me when I launched my consulting business so Dave and I offered to treat them and pick up lunch. I fell in love the moment we got to the door of Live Island Cafe.

Peering into the kitchens of raw restaurants brings me joy.

I took the advice on the board

and opted for the Toona Wrap with two sides: Super Green Salad and Pad Thai.

Dave got the Pad Thai as an entrée and also tried the Pizza of the Day and the AB&J (almond butter and jelly sandwich).

Elaine also enjoyed the Super Green Salad and opted for the Falafel wrapped in greens; Tim had the Pad Thia and the Red Pear and Baby Green salad. I do have some sense of decorum and let them eat without having their food photographed!

We ended the meal with Vanilla-Chai Macaroons, dipped in chocolate.

I’m known to gush over a restaurant that I love.  Prepare for an over-enthusiastic review.

I loved every single bite of every single dish that I tried. The Toona Wrap, with sprouted sunflower pate, chopped veggies and nut mayo in collard greens, was positively delicious.  It was filling, crunchy and fresh.  The Pad Thai, a kelp noodle dish in curried cream sauce, was surprising (my first kelp noodles!) and all four concurred that it tasted superb.  The winner, for me, was the Super Green Salad, prepared with kale, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. I could have eaten a huge bowl of the salad for my meal.  I nibbled on Dave’s pizza and AB&J.  He loved the pizza (flax and almond crust with nut cheese and marina sauce) and so did I.  He was a little overwhelmed by the density of the bread in the AB&J. I loved it but I eat more raw than he does so I’m used to it. I also reminded him that we ate enough food for a family of eight (a little bit of raw goes a long way).  Though full, we four could not resist dessert; we devoured the macaroons and I believe Tim said “I could eat a plate of these for lunch.”  Me, too, Tim.  Me, too.

The food at Live Island Cafe is that good.  Go. You will love it.

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  • Oh my gosh, so amazing!!! I’m tempted to go to Huntington just to try this place. HOORAY for raw food!

    • JL

      Road trip in August?!

  • Susan

    Were you at a certain culinary school on Sunday?

    • JL

      Indeed, I was!

  • veganpilotmarty

    Raw Island Cafe is amazing. Say hi to Okima. Tell her Marty the Pilot sent you…and JL of course.

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