NYC Vegan: A Latke recipe + cookbook giveaway

by JL Fields on May 19, 2017

Last week something very special happened. My friends Ethan Ciment and Michael Suchman – the men behind the blog Vegan Mos – became published authors!

I had them on my radio program on publication day …

… to talk about their new book NYC Vegan: Iconic Recipes for a Taste of the Big AppleIt’s a delightfully delicious book and anyone who loves New York, diverse ethnic foods, and/or vegan food is going to love this book. Ethan and Michael’s worldview about veganism and their creative approach to food come out loud and clear in this informative and instructive collection.

No surprise, I tried the latkes recipe right away – because I had a feeling they would be great in the air fryer. I was right: I spritzed them with canola oil mist and air fried on 360°F for about 16 minutes. Air fryer or not, thanks to the publisher, I’m able to share this recipe (and a giveaway, below).

Latkes from NYC Vegan PHOTO: Jackie Sobon

PHOTO: From NYC Vegan, copyright © 2017 by Michael Suchman and Ethan Ciment. Used by permission. Photo by Jackie Sobon.

Sounds great, right? Well, enter to win a copy of NYC Vegan NOW and you can try all of their delicious recipes!
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  • Tracey

    I’d love to see Waldorf salad veganized!
    Thanks for the giveaway and recipe. Those latkes look amazing!!

  • Mindy Bollinger

    Recipe looks great, winning would be great, thank you for the contest!

  • Teyzoo

    black and white cookies. can’t wait to see the new cookbook!

  • Terri Jones Cole

    For me, it would be a classic deli sandwich with pastrami. I always chose that over corned beef when I ate meat. (Many years ago now!)

  • ammauceri

    There is so much amazing vegan food in NYC now that all my “dream foods” have been veganized!! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  • janet

    Yum. I’d love to win a copy. I’ve never been to NY, so this would be my trip

  • Evolotus PR

    I’ve never been to NYC but there’s a dearth of great vegan Italian food where I live.

  • Lisa

    I second the idea to veganize the black and white cookie. Thanks!

  • owsla

    I’m not familiar enough with NY food to know the answer. =)

  • Rusty M

    I’ve never been to NYC but I’d love to have pastrami and an egg creme!

  • Cheryl Schuessler

    I am fairly new to vegan lifestyle and recently got an air fryer… this recipe looks delicious! Would love to try some more from NYC Vegan, sure hope I win!

  • Hannah

    Super excited about this cookbook! I’ve been craving a good Reuben like nothing else.

  • Karen D

    New York style cheesecake

  • Jannifer

    The first food that popped into my head was cheesecake, the second was a Reuben sandwich. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the giveaway.

  • Michelle


  • Steph

    Knishes!!! Just need to replace the egg

  • Laurie A.

    I’ve never had an egg creme, so I’d like to try that!

  • Cee

    I am a NY style hot dog person, so I’d like to see a good NY style hot dog replicated, even though it is typically sauerkraut and mustard. Maybe there is a way to make a seitan hot dog that incorporates these flavors?

  • Mercedes Arterberry

    I would love to see vegan donuts from NYC Doughnut Plant!! Apparently they at the best doughnuts there so… 👀💞

  • Lily Wolfe

    Fried Oreos!

  • The Reuben

  • Joann M Lakes Elliott

    This book is like wandering around NYC eating

  • Jacqui P

    Since I haven’t ever been to New York, all I can think of is Lox and bagels.

  • cezovski


    I think pastrrami on rye — or cheesecake, maybe.

    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Anita

    I don’t know never been to New York to know what they have there

  • kelly woods

    I would like to veganize pizza 🙂

  • Michelle Catallo

    Veganize their deli sandwiches 😀

  • Laura Cruz


  • jenjen917


  • Virginia Hildreth

    I would choose New York cheesecake to be veganized

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