No Meat Athlete: A Review, a Giveaway, and Matt Frazier is coming to Colorado Springs!

by JL Fields on October 11, 2013

I went vegan in February of 2010, in the height of my running and triathlon mania. One of the very first websites I found was No Meat Athlete. I needed to figure out if vegans could be athletes (I know, duh).

Matt Frazier, founder and writer at No Meat Athlete offered simple strategies for athletes regarding nutrition and training and very thoughtful posts on a range of interesting topics. He still does and his website continues to be one that I read regularly. Matt has evolved over the years – both as an athlete and where he lands on the veg-spectrum. When I first started reading No Meat Athlete he was vegetarian. Now he’s vegan. Now No Meat Athlete is a website and a book. written a book. And he’s donating 10% of proceeds to protect animals. I love him.

No Meat Athlete in Colorado Springs

That’s right! Matt is coming to Colorado Springs next week on his book tour! He will be doing a lecture, Running on Plants, and book signing at Seeds Community Cafe on Thursday evening (RSVP here) and we’re taking Matt up The Incline in Manitou Springs Friday morning (more details here). We are super-excited around here!

I’m excited to share a bit about Matt’s book.

no meat athlete colorado springs

No Meat Athlete is broken out into two sections, the first focuses on plant-based nutrition for athletes and includes 55 recipes. Going beyond recipes, Matt offers really great primers on “make your own” recipes, including veggie burgers, nutrition bars, smoothies, and more.

Section two focuses on sport – beginning with, well, beginners, and moving toward advanced training techniques. He talks about good running form, varied workouts (speed work, etc.), cross training, and more.

This book is solid and I think it’s a terrific tool for vegan activism. More and more athletes are considering a plant-based diet to perform well. Matt lays it out easily for anyone. In the introduction he shares how he grew as an athlete, achieving goals that had once felt unattainable, and the role of plant-based nutrition and focused training in his success. And then he says this:

I’ve mentioned that the initial reason for my interest in vegetarianism was because I started to not feel right about eating animals—and what I’ve learned since then about factory farming and the way animals are (mis)treated in the process has only made that conviction stronger. There’s also the enormous benefit to the environment of adopting a plant-based diet; some studies show that eating this way reduces one’s carbon footprint even more than giving up your car!

Yes! I love that he is inspiring others to get healthy with their diet, to train smart and improve athletically, and to remember the animals. A vegan book I can totally get behind.

Would you like to win a copy of No Meat Athlete? Enter now:

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  • Amy Logue

    My husband and I enjoy working out and love how it keeps us in shape.

  • Kristina

    I’m a newly addicted runner. Just ran a 15k and a 10-miler last month, and looking forward to my first half-marathon in December.

  • EThan

    I’m going through a run phase training for a marathon in November, so I guess that’s my favorite right now!

  • I love walking. I walk 5-8 miles a day. I will be running my first 5k next year!

  • Carolina

    The No Meat Athlete book sounds great! My favorite form of exercise is swimming.

  • saniel

    husband and i do the tap out videos and Pilates workouts.

  • Melissa Dion

    Running and yoga are my faves!

  • ammauceri

    I like doing varied fitness DVDs at home…less intimidating and keeps me from getting too bored!

  • Chelsea

    I love tennis! Or just dancing like a fool

  • Kathleen Troiano

    I love reading No Meat Athlete’s blog and would love to see a copy of his new book.

  • Sarah Cotter

    nothing beats a good run

  • readysetveg

    Yoga, running and dance.

  • Vi

    I love my Nordic Track skier. Keeps me in good shape for a minimum amount of time spent.

  • Sherrie

    I’m a runner, training for my firth Half and first Full Marathon over the next few months. Just read Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run… This looks like the perfect followon. I’m already noticing changes in how my training is when I stick to plant heavy meals the days before running.

  • Melissa

    I’m a yoga and pilates girl

  • Grace

    I play basketball every week. A great stress reliever.

  • Shannon


  • I want to get this for my husband who’s favorite form of exercise is biking.

  • Bobbie {the vegan crew}

    I love cycling!

  • Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love walking endlessly in different cities and countries!

  • The Peace Patch

    Hiking has always been my favorite. Cheers!

  • YurtGirl

    I like weight training and hiking with my dog.

  • Jennifer K

    My favorite form of exercise is cycling and walking

  • Terri Cole

    Walking is my favorite exercise.

  • Erin

    Definitely running, I trained for my first half marathon with the NMA plan!

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