New York (and Portland, Niagara, and Austin), here I come!

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by JL Fields on May 14, 2013

Friday morning I’ll be on a plane, heading to New York. This is my first trip back since moving and I cannot wait. Cannot. Wait.  Friends, food…and The Seed!

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I’m delighted to be returning to 82Mercer, the gorgeous, SoHo space where the positively plant-based festival took place last year.  If you recall, I was moderator, and presented, on a blogging panel


along with Gena and Yoli. This year I’m returning to present Blogging 2.0 – From Your Blog to Main Street: How to Expand your Vegan Activism.  I wrote a chapter on “veganism beyond the plate” in the forthcoming Vegan for Her, which includes a section on activism and I’ll share some ideas from that, but I have a special request.

Vegan bloggers:

  1. How have you taken your vegan activism beyond your blog?
  2. What do you want to know about going further with your activism? 

I will incorporate your questions into the presentation and will do a follow-up post here with suggestions and ideas for all of us.

I’m presenting at The Seed at 12:00 p.m. Sunday and hope to see you there!

A few days after returning from New York I’ll be back on a plane, this time to Portland for the second Vida Vegan Con, a vegan lifestyle blogger conference.


The week after VVC I’ll be, yep, back on a plane, on my way to the Niagara VegFest.


Ginny and I will connect in Chicago and travel together to begin spreading the good Vegan for Her word.  Ginny will present Happy, Healthy Vegan for Life: Ten Tips to Guarantee Success and I will follow her with my Healthy Food Preparation for the Busy Non-Cook: Tips, Trips and Techniques to Eat a Balanced, Compassionate Diet cooking demonstration and presentation.

The next weekend I’ll be in Austin for BlogHer Food 2013…


…in Austin! I am so excited to finally visit that special city in Texas.

Then, mid-June, I’ll actually be home for two weekends in a row but I certainly won’t be resting on my laurels. I’m teaming up with fellow Meetup organizers Lisa and Heather to offer a FREE 90-minute class Quick & Easy Ways to Make Plant-Based Meals for Kids (June 15). The following weekend I’m teaching a Summer Soups and Salads Cooking Demo Class (June 22), which will include a full lunch with wine!

That will wrap up June. July is going to be busy, too, but that’s connected to the book launch and worthy of its very own post – so more on that later!

I hope to see you in NYC, Portland, St. Catharines (Ontario), Austin…or Colorado Springs!

  • Liz

    JL, I was excited to see that you are coming to Austin and hoping we could get together, but I’m going to be out of town that weekend. I’m going to be in San Diego, the scene of our first (and only) meet-up. 🙁 So sorry I’m going to miss you. I’m no longer in the blogger world, but I read your blog every day. –Liz (formerly “Run With Sneakers”)

    • JL

      Oh, @54c96467ba217d37846922771d887a7f:disqus, I was hoping to see you! But San Diego is always awesome so I’m glad you’ll be there having fun! Doesn’t our time in S.D. seem like a lifetime ago???

  • JL! What a marvelous travel schedule you have coming up. I’ll be at VVC, too (so we can throw one back together :), and I live in Chicago, so if you and Ginny are looking for someone to show you the good eats and sights, shoot me an email (ashleepiper {at}! Safe travels!

    • JL

      I can’t wait to meet you in Portland, @disqus_3sjgpLFLzK:disqus! Oops, I should have been more specific – Ginny and I will connect at Chicago – O’Hare to hop on the same flight to Buffalo! 🙂

      • Ah! Gotcha. Well, if you’re there, keep your eyes peeled for Upton’s Seitan wraps and such at some of the kiosks. And Rick Bayless has a Tortas restaurant in the American Airlines terminal that will make you a vegan torta (with mushrooms, avocado, onions, and salsa) and a killer spiked lime agua fresca. In case you need, erm, refreshments for your meeting. See you in Portland, doll!

  • Bianca

    Can’t wait to see you at Vida Vegan Con!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JL

      @a2da25b31bb18ec3b56b64a7de22d4cc:disqus!!! I know! Can’t wait to give you a big hug!!!

  • Sounds like fun… can I fit into your suitcase!?

    • JL

      Come with me, @twitter-464809434:disqus!

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