Multivore Holiday Cooking, Gifting Vegan Lifestyle Coaching, and Holiday Survival Tips

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by JL Fields on December 19, 2012

Today I feel like I’m everywhere but here! But I’m always here and you know that, right?

Find me on Our Hen House!

Our Hen House, who you know as one of the best animal rights podcasts out there, recently relaunched their website, an extension of said fabulous podcast, as an online magazine. The stories and features are dynamic and represent the full spectrum of making the world better for animals. Reading Our Hen House helps make me a better activist – which is exactly the point of the content! Columns include Thought for Food, Picturing Animals, and essays by Jasmin Singer, Mariann Sullivan and Piper Hoffman. There are thought-provoking feature articles from James McWilliams, Marisa Wolfson Miller and Sherrey Reim Glickman (Jasmin’s grandmother, who turned vegetarian at the age of 86!).

Today my first piece for the Thought for Food column is live.  In  The Multivore Holiday Challenge, I offer a fun way for vegans and omnivores to work together to make a compassionate meal. I included a quick and easy recipe for these Mashed Peas & Potatoes!

Mashed Peas and Potatoes by JL Fields of JL goes Vegan on Our Hen House

I know many of you live in multivore homes. I would LOVE IT if you would go to my OHH post and leave a comment on how you are handling multivore holiday meals (thank you!).

Find me on Vegan Mainstream!

Vegan Mainstream reached out to me last month and invited me to offer my coaching services as part of their 2012 Vegan Holiday Gift Guide.  They then asked me to write a piece explaining the concept of vegan lifestyle coaching. You can find my post Give the Gift of Vegan Lifestyle Coaching on Vegan Mainstream today (I’m offering a discount on coaching services!).

My December Coaching Newsletter is Out!

My latest vegan lifestyle coaching newsletter went out today! In Go Vegan With JL: Tips for the Holiday Vegan!  I offer ideas for dealing with holiday parties and dining out, cooking with omnivores, holiday gift-giving guides, and I share a recipe for these Mediterranean Beans with Greens (which is exclusive to the newsletter)!

Mediterranean Beans with Greens by JL Fields on JL goes Vegan

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One more thing…

On a final note, because I know many of my readers are also bloggers, I wanted to make sure that you know about Healthy Living Blogs. I have found this blogging resource incredibly useful. I learned social media strategies, ways to engage blog readers, and even how to use Google Reader as my blogroll.  HLB has a goal: 2013 members by January 1, 2013! If you’re a healthy living blogger – or aspire to launch a blog – consider becoming a member of Healthy Living Blogs!

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