Meatless Monday Meal Plan (10/7/13)

It’s Monday! Here are some meatless meal ideas:

Breakfast: Curry Cashew Butter on toast (have a glass of juice to get in some fresh fruits and veggies!).

curry cashew butter | Meatless Monday Meal Plan | JL goes Vegan

Lunch: Quinoa-Amaranth & Lentil Salad over a big bed of greens.

quinoa amaranth lentil salad | meatless monday meal plan | JL goes Vegan

Dinner: Tofu Tacos (double-up those greens for extra veggies!)

tofu tacos | meatless monday meal plan | JL goes Vegan

Happy Meatless Monday!

4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday Meal Plan (10/7/13)”

  1. The sight of those taco’s just made my mouth water! I am bookmarking for another day for sure. Today’s meatless monday here is Ume Onigiri, beans, and kale.

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