JL’s Favorite Vegan Things – The Holiday Edition!

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by JL Fields on December 13, 2012

Did you get a chance to read the fantastic Vegan Holiday Gift Ideas guest post from Jennifer Gannet yesterday?  It was jam-packed with excellent suggestions which have somehow landed on my own wish list.

Since I took the easy way out, inviting a guest to provide a holiday guide, I thought I owed it to you to at least rattle off some of my current favorite things.   If an item is listed here I have it. If a store is recommended, I’ve shopped there. In the interest of full disclosure, I have affiliate relationships with several of the items or brands (I’ll let you know which ones).

I adore four organizations working tirelessly to save animals:

I’m in love with my very first pair of Tom’s shoes.

Tom's Black Canvas Shoe

I’m obsessed with my newest GUNAS bag, the unisex Chopper laptop bag.

gunas chopper

I’m a GUNAS Gem (affiliate) and that means that if you order an item from GUNAS and use my code:  JLYNN05, you’ll receive 10% off your purchase.

I’m also carrying this Susan Nicole bag, Ms. Betty in Purple,


Susan Nicole Ms. Betty in purple

 which goes perfectly with this Vaute Couture coat, the Emily, in eggplant.

Vaute Couture The Emily

I pretty much love everything about  Vegan Cuts.


You can sign up to receive weekly deals or simply shop in their online market.  Vegan Cuts has helped me transition to vegan food treats, vegan skincare and vegan fashion.

eliza novacas vegan cuts

 The brown Eliza boot, by Novacas, via Compassion Couture, on Vegan Cuts

I love, love, love Olivado avocado oil. In fact, I wrote about my avocado oil adoration recently.

Thanks to Olivado for sending me this care package! 

You know I’m cuckoo for my pressure cooker.  I use the Presto 6-quart stainless steel and the Presto 4-quart stainless steel.  I turn to these books to help me along the way:

I have an affiliate relationship with all of my pressure cooker recommendations.

Here are two books (through my Amazon store) that are completely tattered…because I thumb through them so often:

You can find more of my favorite things by perusing my Amazon store.

  • Carrie

    Such great gift ideas, you can send me all of them, ha ha! 🙂 You know what I just realized? We have the same haircuts! Hope you’re staying warm in the snow, your coat is so YOU!

    • JL

      We do, don’t we @262c99bb94562e02d5b17c5becd6c6fa:disqus ?! Love it!

  • Bianca

    I am loving the avocado oil you sent me!!!!! It’s amazing!! And love that coat! I wish I could afford Vaute Couture!

    • JL

      YAY! Glad you love the AO! Here’s a tip on Vaute Couture. People who sign up for their email list get an email in August announcing the new line for the fall – they only make what people order so on day one, if you’re on the, list, you can order for half-off! So I got that gorgeous coat at 50% off – I knew the email was coming so I save money all summer!

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