Day two in Florida: Chillaxing

by JL Fields on December 24, 2011

We slept in ’til 7:00 a.m. yesterday! Crazy.

Dave and I headed down to the beach for a morning workout.

Then we stopped here

I had high hopes for Heavenly Smoothies. Turns out that healthy veggie menu didn’t impress me all that much. Heavy on the animal products.  I opted for a fresh juice.

The fresh carrot-celery juice was a nice appetizer.  I followed it up with a big breakfast bowl.

Kashi puffs, a little muesli, dried cranberries and coconut milk

Later, for lunch, I chopped up some romaine and added diced pickles and a bit of Bragg Liquid Aminos to serve as a base for this salad.

I realize it looks enormous but, really, it’s on a small salad plate!  The two salads on top of the lettuce?

A raw, organic, vegan Green Been Cashew salad and an organic, vegan Tempeh Salad. My mother-in-law nibbled on both and said “It might not be too long before there’s another vegan around here”  Yes! The salads, from Heath’s Natural Foods, were awesome.  Two thumb’s up.

In the afternoon I got a much-needed manicure and pedicure and then just chillaxed the day away.

We decided to take Dave’s mom out for dinner and tried a place that I had found online–and that she had not yet visited, SoNapa.  Notice that the menu doesn’t give one reason to believe it’s ideal for vegans-but I liked the concept and wine list and, well, there are no vegan restaurants in New Smyrna Beach.

I started with the signature salad, hold the goat cheese.

Followed by small plates of veggies.

Snow peas in a ginger-soy sauce, fresh asparagus and sweet potato fries


A lovely meal!

Today? Back to the beach and then some serious cooking–because our big holiday meal is tonight!

SoNapa California Grill and Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

  • Hey JL!!  I love reading your blog!  Thank you for sharing!  The beach looks gorgeous, the food and pic of the places.  I feel like I’m on vacation.  Looks like you’re having an amazing time!  Your healthy lifestyle is inspiring!  🙂 

  • Lori

    It is awesome about your mother-in-law is talking of going vegan! How is the beach there? I would like to go to New Smyrna Beach some day, as I want to go to the Gifts for Humanity store there. It sounds really interesting and I like several things on their online site. Enjoy your trip!

  • Anonymous

    Just tried to find a bunch of standard vegan ingredients on
    Marco Island. Turns out tempeh doesn’t sell here so no one stocks it! Got my hands on notch and miso but seems like there’s a long drive to whole foods in the near future for us!

  • Bitt

    I”m to the point where I don’t even bother with those smoothie chains anymore because they always have processed juice or dairy. Yuck.

    The beach looks great. Might just get in the car and drive….

    Happy Cooking!

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