Less than 48 hours in Atlanta

by JL Fields on November 12, 2014

I arrived in Atlanta, via NYC, on Friday afternoon only to discover that the Sunshine Burger delivery I was expecting for the Atlanta Veg Fest did not arrive. What to do? Go shopping!

Sunshine Burgers at Sevananda Natural Foods Market

I found 42 boxes of burgers at Sevananda Natural Foods Market (my new favorite store on earth), eight more at Publix (plus dry ice), and coolers at Target. Problem solved! (Being a brand rep is sexy, huh?)  

After all of the running around, I was hungry and a little cranky. Okay, a lot cranky. I’m not familiar with Atlanta, and didn’t even know what neighborhood I was in, so I just opened up Google Maps on my iPhone and typed in “vegan.” First hit: Soul Vegetarian No. 2.

Soul Vegetarian No. 2

I ordered a hot dinner to go

Soul Vegetarian No. 2 dinner

and enjoyed country fried steak, mac n’ cheese, collard greens, corn bread and salad with a tall glass of wine in my hotel room. All was right in the world (and I had plenty left over for breakfast the next morning!).

The next day my crew and I had a fantastic time at the veg fest.

JL and Sunshine Burger and Atlanta Veg Fest

Michael and Danya at Sunshine Burger

And I got to meet a Twitter/Facebook friend for the first time, Seth, who is one of the organizers of the festival.

Seth and JL at the Veg Fest

I also got to meet long-time blog reader Saniel, a life-long vegan and your basic super-star.

Saniel and JL at Atlanta Veg Fest

Things I discovered and loved at the festival:

How It Works

Interested restaurants with vegan options enter into an agreement with Vegan Identifier and get one of three rating depending on the number of options they offer. The restaurants also agree to train their staff on the Vegan Identifier program so diners looking to eat vegan can easily be pointed towards what they are looking for. In return the restaurants will be featured on the Vegan Identifier website and be given a window sticker for the storefront. They can also use the logo on menus and other promotional material making eating out on a plant based diet easier than ever.

After the festival, my Vegan for Her co-author – and dear, dear friend – Ginny Messina and I went out for dinner. We fought with my iPhone navigator but finally found our way to Drink Art

jl and ginny drink art

Tired and hungry, we were ready to eat all the vegan Thai cuisine. And we practically did.

Drink Art Atlanta

No words. Okay, two words that no food writer should ever write: yummy and delicious. Oh, a third: perfect.

Thanks for a great weekend, Atlanta!

  • saniel

    It was great meeting you and hope we can work together in the future.

    • JL

      That would be amazing, @disqus_uakVi4AAlm:disqus!

  • Becky Striepe

    It was so great to meet you and Ginny this weekend!

    • JL

      You, too, Becky!

  • Thank you for visiting Atlanta and for mentioning Pure Abundance! I had an amazing time at the Veg Fest, and I’m glad you did too. I’m so impressed by and grateful for our Atlanta vegan community. <3

    • JL

      It’s a fabulous vegan community, @disqus_vulgq128Yi:disqus!

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