V-Note, an organic wine bar and vegan bistro in NYC

by JL Fields on October 14, 2010

As I waited for my train to Manhattan Tuesday morning I noticed that the leaves are turning quickly, and falling even faster.

When I popped up out of the subway at 77th and Lexington I saw this

I walk on this block all of the time. How have I missed The Vegan Divas?

I was running late so I didn’t go in. But you can bet next time I’m in the area for a meeting I’m working in extra time for a cup of coffee and a vegan treat!

After work it was time to meet the Happy Herbivore for the very first time! We decided to meet at V-Note, an organic wine bar and vegan bistro. V-Note opened last week and we wanted to encourage and support a new vegan establishment!

First things first.  The wine list

We both had the red zinfandel, which was very good!

We decided to order two starters to share

Ravioli with Cashew Cream

(House-made ravioli filled with smoked tempeh, spinach, pine nuts & mushrooms)

and the “Crab Cakes”

(blend of hiziki seaweed, tofu, herbs & spice, tartar sauce)

Both of these starters were Over.The.Top. delicious!

We ordered two entrees and shared, too (vegans are so nice!)

Feijoadinha with Smokey Tempeh

(stew of smoked roasted tempeh, black beans, chayote & potatoes, orange-lime)

and “Seafood” Risotto

(creamy tomato risotto with porcini, trumpet, cremini & lobster mushrooms with seaweed & basil)

Both dishes were very good. The tempeh dish was on the salty side (but I love salt so I enjoyed it.)

Oh, let’s not forget, dessert!

Blossom Cheesecake. YUM x 10.

Hands down, the starters were my favorite. I will go back again, often, I suspect, and will try other entrees. Or, I’ll order a bottle of wine and just order starter after starter and a piece of cheesecake! Check out V-Note; support vegan businesses!

It was a great evening!  Good wine, good food and excellent conversation with Lindsay!

I waited for my train at 125th in Harlem

full and happy!

ETA: Read Lindsay’s review here!

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Do you have a favorite vegan restaurant?

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