Anniversary weekend on Lake Waramaug

by JL Fields on October 11, 2010

We love Lake Waramaug.  We visited this summer and do so a couple of times a year.  It’s so close to home, yet feels like it’s a world away.

We headed northeast on Saturday. We stopped in Bedford, at The Meeting House, for lunch. To start, adult beverages.

Then some homemade guacamole and red corn chips

and then five-bean chili

A delicious and warm lunch on a crisp fall day!

Meetinghouse on Urbanspoon

It was time for a little wine tasting. Dave likes the port at DiGrazia Vineyards so we decided to do a wine tasting while picking up a bottle.  And then I learned this:

they were out of their one and only red wine. WTF?!

So I tasted six not-my-kind of wines

but Dave got his port so it’s all good.

And, then, to Lake Waramaug!

This is is the view when we get to the lake.  It’s simply one of our favorite places.  The wind was blowing, the air was crisp and we felt serene and happy to be back.

We promptly drove to Hopkins Vineyard, overlooking Lake Waramaug, for a tall glass of Cabernet Franc.  Come to momma

All became right in the world and it was time to check into the B&B. Welcome to The Sachem Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast.

The house is gorgeous, the innkeepers are kind, and the whole atmosphere is warm and romantic.

Our cozy room and to-die-for bed.

The bed whispered “would you like to take a nap?”  Why yes, we would.

Suddenly it was time for dinner.  Pretty much the one and only place I can eat well as a vegan in a 15-mile radius is Oliva.  I was a little disappointed this time, but I think it’s because the place was jammed. This summer it was quiet and the chef was creative and helpful. This time I did some negotiating with the server and got this

a corn salad appetizer

and a side of white beans in garlic and sage, the only two solely vegan items on the menu.

and a plate of humus (okay), tabbouleh (not good at all) and sauteed summer veggies (would have been happier if they had used some of the root veggies on their menu, but apparently there were already prepped with cream and Parmesan cheese.)  The meal was fine and I’ll certainly go back because I know they can do better.

Oliva on Urbanspoon

Sunday morning we awoke at 6 a.m. and Dave headed downstairs to make us a cup of coffee.  Don’t you love a B&B where you can get bottled water, snacks, a wine opener and wine glasses, and coffee on your own?  I do.

At 7 a.m., 37 degrees, we were off for a bike ride!

Lake Waramaug is about 6.1 miles around, with another 1.8 miles of highway between the two entrances to the lake. Two loops is a nearly 16 mile ride and that’s what we did.  It was stunningly gorgeous, but oh-so-cold.  Note to self: pack insulated gloves and neoprene toe covers for sub-40 degree bike rides!

When we returned, we walked in to see this

Come on?! What’s better than a roaring fire after a cold bike ride? Not a thing…except getting  Happiness!

Hot showers and then breakfast time.  I had berries and granola

and a toasted English muffin with olive oil and marmalade.

Yum! (The other, non-vegan, guests had a hot breakfast but I specifically wrote to the B&B owners and told them I’d like fruit and granola)

Speaking of the owners, meet one half, Jennifer (with Dave)

We had a lovely time and will definitely be visiting Jennifer and Jason and their beautiful B&B again very soon!

Then it was time for some fall photography.

We went to an apple orchard

Apple picking time!

Errrr… apple picking from a bin?


We walked out with two sugar pumpkins, half a peck of apples and an acorn squash.

We always swing into the farm stand on 202

and this time we got

purple beans, peppers, green tomatoes and kale.

So ends another beautiful, quick trip to Lake Waramaug.

Do you visit a “special place” that feels like a home away from home?

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