The simplest of salads

by JL Fields on August 20, 2014

Good morning! Last night I made an impromptu, quick dinner that was so easy I just had to share. Simple Salad | JL Fields | JL goes Vegan

Here’s the simple salad recipe:

  1. I started by chopping a small head of romaine lettuce.
  2. Then I drained and rinsed a can of chickpeas and tossed half with the lettuce in a bowl.
  3. I added chopped red onion.
  4. Then I sprinkled hemp seeds (Ziggy Marley Organic roasted salt and pepper brand from this month’s Vegan Cuts snack box), pumpkin seeds, and pine nuts over the top.
  5. I added a splash of rice vinegar, a splash of low-sodium soy sauce, and finished it off with ground black pepper.

Filling, delicious, and packed with nutrients! What’s your favorite five-minute salad?


Sunday I ranted about the Humane Society of the United States hosting a dining event in Denver in which they “celebrate” and “respect” hoofed animals … by eating them! Clearly filed under “WTF,” some might say I’ve become obsessed. I have. I simply cannot wrap my head around how HSUS can take their philosophy of meeting farmers at the table to talk about treating animals humanely to meeting farmers at the table and eating animals while celebrating how awesomely humane they all are.

Well, there’s been a lot of activity since then: [click to continue…]

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Meatless Monday: Family Favorite Recipe Makeovers (Mushrooms!)


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Vegan News You Can Use (8/17/14)

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Weekend getaway to Breckenridge


Hello from Breckenridge! We’re dog-sitting, making delicious vegan food, and will soon be in Leadville cheering for our friend in her 100 mile trail race!

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Speaking at The Seed this weekend! (Ticket GIVEAWAY!)


Join me this weekend at The Seed: Positively Plant-Based expo in New York City (enter to win free tickets!)

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Meatless Monday: Tofu Spaghetti Scramble


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Italian Chickpeas and Spinach over Risotto


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Vegan News You Can Use (7/27/14)


Vegan news: Vegan diet, healthy heart, masculinity means protecting the planet, meat, milk and butter for vegans, vegan is the new black, and more!

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