Now that Dave is eating vegan at home (vegetarian outside of the home), we have been spending a lot of time together in the kitchen. He’s always cooked – and enjoys cooking – but my vegan ways (and food career) sort of pushed him out. Many long-time readers of this blog (or those of you who read Vegan for Her) know Dave was the primary cook in our home for years, even when I went vegetarian. When I went vegan he was ready for me to pull up my big-girl pants and figure things out for myself in the kitchen. He cooked for himself and, as a result, really just pulled quick meals together, eating quite a bit of the plant-based food I cooked.

Two of us are now eating solely vegan in the home and Dave has become quite inquisitive and interested in finding ways to make his favorite foods, vegan-style. He makes great tacos – sometimes with Beyond Meat Beef-free Crumbles and sometimes with my homemade lentils.

Lentil Tacos

(This lentil taco recipe is coming to the blog soon!)

He makes a mean stir fry. He leans toward adding chik-style strips and I ask for some type of legume to be added instead, like tofu, edamame, or black beans.

Our tastes might not be exactly the same, but at least we are both eating vegan.

This kitchen revolution has come about because Dave and I have, for years, tried to be respectful of one another as we navigated and negotiated various opinions on food and ethics. This issue was the topic of a recent cooking demonstration class that my friend and fellow vegan lifestyle coach Michael Suchman and I taught last week.

Michael Suchman of | JL Fields of

Michael Suchman and JL Fields Cooking Class

And my friend Kirsten wrote about the topic (and interviewed me!) in her piece “The New ‘Multivore’ Family for Spirituality & Health Magazine.

Multivore Spirituality & Health

We are getting there.

Last weekend when Dave asked how we might make vegan buffalo wings, I wanted to find a way to please his taste buds and to make it from scratch (as much as possible). I made the seitan. He made the buffalo sauce and turned them into vegan buffalo wings.

We both loved this recipe!

We’re excited to share it with you and hope it inspires an omnivore in your home to try eating vegan for a day – it’s Meatless Monday, after all!

Homemade Vegan Buffalo Wings | JL Fields | [click to continue…]


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