I dropped GoDaddy when the CEO went hunting

by JL Fields on October 21, 2014

In 2011 I read about the CEO of GoDaddy hunting in Africa.go daddy ceo hunts elephants


I had been wanting to update my website and this motivated me to do it; I moved my website from GoDaddy to Bluehost the following month.

A year later, I was still clearly fired up.

bluehost | cruelty-free hosting

I have been using Bluehost for nearly four years and I absolutely love it. I have numerous sites and email accounts through them and am a very satisfied customer. So I was interested when Bluehost reached out recently to invite me to join their affiliate program.

Side note: You may have noticed I don’t actually do much on this site when it comes to advertising and affiliate relationships. I am part of the BlogHer Publishing Network. I have a few affiliate relationships – Gunas, Vegan Cuts, Jill Nussinow’s books (The New Fast Food and Nutrition CHAMPS) vegan wine via Vintners’ Allianceall vegan.

So I decided to be a little ornery. I told my contact at Bluehost that I don’t really write about blogging. I just do it. But that I did choose to use Bluehost in response to what I learned about GoDaddy. My exact reply:

Okay, I have an out of the box idea. See, I don’t really blog about blogging so that probably wouldn’t work. I also don’t have a resources page on my site.  BUT I have a story: I used to use GoDaddy until I learned that the CEO hunts wild game in Africa. I immediately dropped them and switched to Bluehost.  What do you think about creating a widget for my vegan blog promoting cruelty-free hosting?

They did.

Bluehost cruelty-free hosting | JLgoesVegan.com [click to continue…]


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