Veganism and Body Image: Reframing What Beauty Means in T.O.F.U. Magazine

by JL Fields on May 25, 2013

Hello from Portland!  I arrived Thursday night and the vegan fun has been non-stop! I look forward to sharing restaurant treats, snippets from the excellent sessions at Vida Vegan Con, and more. For now, I wanted to let you know that I have a piece in the latest issue of T.O.F.U. Magazine.

I first tackled the issue of body image on this blog in January of 2011 when I wrote January Diet? Nope, I bought bigger clothes. Later that year I launched the blog Stop Chasing Skinny – because after writing that blog post I quickly discovered that I wasn’t the only one who was ready to halt the chase.

Yesterday Issue 7 of Tofu Magazine was released with a focus on Veganism and Body Image. My piece, Reframing What Beauty Means, was included in the magazine and I am deeply honored.

tofu magazine: veganism and body image

I hope you’ll grab a copy of the magazine; I would love to hear what you think.

  • mj

    I just checked out T.O.F.U. magazine! Thank you for sharing the link! It is wonderful! I love your article and Chelsea Lincoln’s too! I have not read all of the articles yet. Great topic!

    • JL

      @2a3ab45f615b99b59f08d2b52da45bf8:disqus, Thank you! I’m so glad you check out the magazine – I really love it!

  • I can’t seem to fall asleep bc I think I am still on west coast time so I checked out your article after reading your facebook post. It made me teary eyed.

    • JL

      Aw, thank you for reading it, @luminousveganswordpresscom:disqus, and for sharing. The timing sure was interesting, wasn’t it?

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