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by JL Fields on August 14, 2011

I read and heard so many great things around the vegan world this week I couldn’t resist.  Here are my top five.

1.  Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Food For Thought podcast.

I finally subscribed to this podcast.  What have I been waiting for?!  I laced up my shoes and headed out for a long walk — and Colleen inspired and educated me the entire time.  Of particular interest:


I never thought I would mention NASCAR on this blog but I received a press release from Farm Sanctuary and I just had to share.

On August 15 NASCAR driver Andy Lally, a three-time champion of both the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona race and the Grand Am Rolex Series, and TRG Motorsports driver Spencer Pumpelly, a two-time champion of The Glen’s six hour race will visit Farm Sanctuary.  Lally and Pumpelly are both vegan,. “I do it for ethical reasons,” explains Lally, who currently holds the record for most podium finishes in a single season in the Grand American Rolex Series. “By this point in human evolution, we should be smart enough and kind enough to live without torturing other living beings just so we can enjoy lunch, especially when there are so many delicious plant-based options available.”

This will be Lally’s first visit to the world-renowned sanctuary. Pumpelly visited in June. “I’m honored to support Farm Sanctuary and the people who are devoted to defending others,” says Pumpelly.

I want them to decorate their cars with logos from vegan companies and insist that vegan food, beer and wine are available at their races!  A girl can dream…

3.  Queer girls rule (share your story!)

My pals Courtney and Sarah, who I met last April, wrote an incredible guest post, Green Recovery: Exploring the Link Between Sexuality, Diet, and Self-Esteem, for Gena on Choosing Raw.   They are working on a book and are seeking submissions.

Courtney Pool and Sarah E. Brown are writing a book on holistic health for lesbian and bisexual women (and their fans!).  One of the purposes of the book is to shed light on connections between sexuality and our relationship with food and health. Our book, which we are currently in the process of writing, will discuss how coming out being a woman who loves women (or other non-normative sexual orientation) relates to body image, gender identity, emotional eating, veganism, our relationship with eating in general, and other aspects of health, including spiritual health and relationships.  Our goals are to help women empower themselves through awareness, self-inquiry, and learning self-acceptance.  We also will highlight how plant-based diets can help promote self-kindness as well as kindness for animals and the planet.
We want to include stories, anecdotes, and insights from other women who love women on these topics.  Below is a list of various subjects women have written about in relation to being a non-heterosexual woman:
  • Body image, eating disorders, emotional eating, eating issues around coming out, self-acceptance, etc.
  • Veganism and Sexual Orientation
  • Animal rights and LGBT rights and human rights
  • Sexual Orientation and Spiritual Health
  • Benefits since switching to a plant-based diet
  • Being vegan in a relationship (where just one of you are, or where both are)
These are just some ideas, but mostly anything along the lines of eating and sexuality as well as all levels of health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and sexuality are within the scope of our work.  We’re looking to keep each contribution under 300 words.  We’d be happy to print your first name in the book, or, if you’d prefer, you can be completely anonymous. Thank you so much for your contributions! We hope to help a lot of people with our stories. Please e-mail sarahbrown70 [at] gmail [dot] com to submit!

If you are a lesbian or bisexual women I hope you will submit.  If you know a vegan lesbian or bisexual woman, I hope you’ll pass this along.

4. Allison’s Gourmet announces premiere design contest

You know I love me some vegan, organic sweets and treats (well, when someone else is making them) so I couldn’t resist sharing this press announcement from Allison!

Allison’s Gourmet, the beloved online vegan organic bakery and confectionary has announced the company’s first-ever design contest in the 15 years since opening their virtual doors.

The Tee and Tote Design Contest offers design students, professionals and design enthusiasts the opportunity to submit artwork for use on Allison’s Gourmet t-shirts, tote bags, and website. Inspired by her long commitment to the vegan diet—abstaining from any animal products— founder Allison Rivers Samson’s contest calls for designs that celebrate the cruelty-free and joyful side of being vegan.

After the deadline for submissions on September 15th, there will be two rounds of voting: Round 1 will be open to the public and rely on the artists to rally their community to help them make the top ten design finalists. Round 2, beginning on October 1, will be the final decision round made by an all-star vegan panel of judges including: Gene Baur, co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary, Colleen Holland co-founder and associate publisher of VegNews, Nathan Runkle, founder and executive director of Mercy for Animals, Chloe Jo Davis, founder of, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder & President of Vaute Couture and Troy Farmer and Katie Frichtel, husband-and-wife design team at Raven + Crow studio.

The grand prize winner will receive $500 and 3-month membership to Allison’s Gourmet ($596 total value), second prize winner will receive a 6-month membership to Allison’s Gourmet, 6 containers of So Delicious Dairy Free ice cream and an autographed copy of the book Veganist, by Kathy Freston ($247 total value) and the 3rd prize winner will receive a 3-month membership to Allison’s Gourmet and a one-year subscription to VegNews magazine ($117 total value).

Participants must be 18 years of age and U.S. residents. Each artist may submit up to three designs.

5. Ellen DeGeneres helps you go vegan

‘Nuff said. Check it out: Going Vegan with Ellen

Lots of vegan news!  And lots of posts this week on this vegan blog!

On Stop Chasing Skinny:

Whew. This was a long post  Hope you found the news and round-up helpful!


  • Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    I just listened to the first of the Podcasts you mentioned in this post.  It’s excellent.  I was not aware of this site so thank you for the link.  I am going to subscribe.

    • JL

      Liz, I was thinking of you when I was listening – thinking that Colleen’s podcast is right up your alley! I know you like facts and figures. She shares them in such a caring and, well, compassionate, way!

  •  I, too, am lovin’ the Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Food for Thought Podcast.  Great information, thanks for sharing the link!  Heading out for a run on the trails with my dog – looking forward to becoming exhilarated and educated at the same time.  🙂

    • JL

      JL, the time FLEW! Must listen to more podcasts where working out!

  • Very interesting on the podcast, I need to look into it. I used to listen to them a lot when I had a long commute. And loved the NASCAR bit because hearing about surprising celebrity vegans is so much fun for me. Great wrap up, thanks!

    • JL

      Christine, I’m finding that the podast makes the workout time fly by. I get really caught up in the story (versus hitting “forward” because I’m so used to my song playlists!)

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