The “politics of sight,” a rescued calf, and more vegan news you can use (4/15/12)

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by JL Fields on April 15, 2012

This week’s Vegan Links and News

Obviously I will be linking you up to the great “Mike Jr.” news – the calf who escaped slaughter in New Jersey this week – but I just have to start with a really cool experience I had yesterday. I went out for a mid-day walk – it was a warm afternoon, the sun was shining bright, and I was listening to the latest Our Hen House podcast (episode 118) featuring Timothy Pachirat, author of Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight.

Listen here (The interview segment begins at the 19:43 mark)

Pachirat is intelligent and accessible Mariann and Jasmin’s asked the very questions I wanted answered. The conversation about the compartmentalization of violence and work at the slaughterhouse was fascinating. Not only are everyday Americans who eat meat kept away from what happens in a slaughterhouse, so are the majority of the slaughterhouse workers! I am really interested in the “politics of sight” and the highlight of this part of the interview, for me, was listening to Pachirat ruminate on his profound experience at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. It was there that he connected the politics of sight on a continuum – that of death and that of life – and made a significant life decision (in great part to his nine-year old daughter). I really hope you listen to the interview because I would love your thoughts!  By the way, I grabbed my Kindle the moment I returned from my walk to download Every Twelve Seconds to discover that the electronic version of the book  is $20 and the hard copy is $44  – one more reason to listen to the podcast because Jasmin and Mariann offer you a great way to receive a signed copy of the book and to help animals!

So, what was the cool experience? Simply that I learned more about animal agriculture, which will equip me to have deeper conversations with non-vegans, and that Timothy Pachirat is as moved by the two organizations that I admire and support – Our Hen House and Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary – as I am.

Speaking of Woodstock Farm Animal sanctuary – what a week! As you probably know, they saved an escaped calf from slaughter this week! There was some excellent coverage:

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is able to rescue animals – providing them love, care, and feeding for a lifetime – and educate the general public about the plight of animals in our society thanks to your generous donations.

In other news:

I think to myself: will currently unthinking consumers ever be willing to radically reduce the amount of animals they eat? I’m deeply skeptical that that will ever happen.

Then I wonder something else:  how many of these consumers gorging on animal products live with a companion animal for whom they deeply care?  And I wonder how many of them would think differently of eating animals if they knew that the animals they were eating shared so many qualities with the animals waiting for them to come home. And I wonder if, based on this connection, they could break the speciesist barrier and stop eating animals. And, for a moment, however, naively, I feel a spark of hope.

This week on the blogs

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Enjoy your Sunday, friends!  I’m heading out for a bike ride but I’ll be back tomorrow – perhaps with a fun recipe for this:

What? Kale Granola for breakfast? Oh. Yes. I. Did.

  • There this kind compartmentalized kind of thinking everywhere, with all animals. everytime I discuss this with family and friends from India, they find it hard to believe that the cows are treated so badly in India, because the cow should be worshiped by the dairy farmer. No one wants to really discuss that or have any discussion on Tim and mark’s recent piece on the ny times. Its just so hard to get through.

    • JL

       It is, Richa, but the more pieces like this get in the NYTimes the better chance for conversation! (here’s hoping!)

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